How to Raise Um Site not WordPress [Super Profissional]


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Learn how to raise a professional site step by step not WordPress.

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In this 100% practical tutorial you will learn how to raise a site, a mesmo that you never had raised a site in your life, you will learn how to use or free theme Generate Press assim as a construtor of Elementor pages to build a unique site with a unique professional design!

Elementor's page builder allows us to control 100% of the design of our site between cabeçalho e rodapé, or what allows us to set up our exclusive site and different generic external sites.

A form of detailed information on YouTube that you me tutoriais são úteis é giving um "I like", subcreting ao meu channel and commenting no video. Obrigado and I hope gostes gives you WordPress course / web design tutorial

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:31 Obter or Domínio e a Hospedagem
00:12:30 Install or WordPress to contact Hospedagem
00:16:33 Place or WordPress in Portuguese and other basic definitions
00:22:39 Install or Generate Press theme
00:24:35 Escolher um custom kernel scheme
00:27:57 Raising um logo
00:32:05 Add the logo to the site and prepare the theme
00:34:07 Raising um ícone and adding to or site
00:36:22 Breed as non-WordPress pages
00:38:36 Create a custom navigation menu in WordPress
00:42:09 Define a main page and an optional blog page
00:43:46 Additional configurations of the theme (structure, menu, cores, fonts, etc.)
00:50:32 Introduction to Elementor Pages Construtor
01:12:24 Raising the Portfolio page (free baixar images, resize images, raise an image gallery, add videos and fundo images)
01:36:17 Raising the Contato page (create a contact form and insert Google Maps)
01:48:17 Raising the About Us page (edit cor de fundo das colunas, adding testemunhos, icon caixas)
02:08:07 Início secção 1 page (farm images, titles, sections within sections, button settings, icons, dividers)
02:26:36 Home page section 2 (title, section within section, icon)
02:30:57 Home page section 3 (video of fundo, title, text, buttons)
02:35:04 Home page section 4 (image, title, text, buttons, section height adjustment)
02:41:30 Home page section 5 (cores de fundo, titles, duplicate seções)
02:44:18 Tornar responsive site (alter fundo video by uma imagem)
02:48:21 Edit as areas of widget do rodapé (add icons for social networks)
02:53:07 Raising um blog (raising um excerto do post, sidebar widgets, commenting remover)
03:06:44 Palavras finais and muito obrigado!

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PACIFIC SUN by Nicolai Heidlas Music
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