How To Remove Moles by Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Moles are a very common condition in the world. Most of them are not harmful to the body. Most people are always in a situation where they are asking how they can be able to get rid of the moles without damaging their skin. In this article, you will get to know about apple cider vinegar mole removal process.

 Moles come in different shapes and sizes. Some are flat; others are raised while some are bigger than others.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar Mole Removal?

It is a type of vinegar that is made from cider or apple. It is the most popular vinegar in the health industry as it comes with a lot of health benefits to a person using it. Apart from the ability to get rid of moles on face, apple cider vinegar has been proven to have many health benefits that include;

  • Assist in weight loss
  • Lowering of blood sugar levels
  • Improvement of diabetes symptoms
  • improvement of heart health

How Does It Work?

Apple cider vinegar is acidic which destroys the tissue of the mole without causing any damage to the skin. This vinegar works without any pain. The acid found in the vinegar also helps in the softening of the skin and the balancing of the pH. This gives the skin a great natural tone.

How To Apply It On Skin?

Here’s the best way to apply on the skin in a perfect way to get result fast.Some of the simple equipment you will find useful include:

  • The cotton balls
  • A bandage
  • Vaseline
  1. First, you start by applying the vaseline on the area around the area to protect it from the effect of the acidity of the vinegar.
  2. Put some apple cider vinegar on the cotton ball.
  3. Take the cotton ball having the vinegar and place it against the mole.
  4. Hold the bandage in place by applying the bandage.

The process will help in making the mole flake after some few days. It is important not to hurry the process. The mole should be left to flake naturally. Once the task has been completed, there will be no sign left on the skin. The skin will heal naturally without leaving any visible marks.

Alternatively, the vinegar soaked cotton ball can also be used after the affected skin has been punctured by use of a needle. The needle, however, needs to be sterilized to stop any infection that might arise. The cotton ball will be in contact with the mole for around 30 minutes supported by the bandage.

Some Of The Pros And Cons

The Best

  • It is a cost effective method.
  • It is a natural method
  • The process does not come with any pain. It does not hurt.
  • Can easily be done at homes since it is a very simple process.

The Good

  • It takes long to see results
  • Some people find the smell of apple cider vinegar very annoying.
  • Might need more than one treatment.
  • The bandage might be very uncomfortable on the face.

In conclusion, Apple cider vinegar is an excellent product to help in getting rid of moles. The natural and the simple process of the application makes it attractive to most people.