How to start a digital marketing agency with a $ 0 investment [Part 1]


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One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is: "How do I start a marketing agency?"

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Everyone wants to start a business in 2018, but many don't know where to start. In this new series, step by step how you can start your own marketing agency without investing $ 1

The reality is that you must think differently when starting a marketing agency. It was believed that many people believed that they need to charge high prices even before having a client

Actually, this is not true. Would you invest money in someone who has not had results in the past? The answer is no. You would be guessing and business owners don't like to guess

In this video, I cover some important things like:

– What exactly does a marketing agency do?
– Why you should specialize in a service
– Why you shouldn't initially charge
– Why you need to learn continuously

Remember that this is part 1 of the series on "how to start your own marketing agency" and this week I will upload several parts to this

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