How to start a social media marketing agency in 2020 – Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners


💻How to start a social media marketing agency (SMMA) in 2020! A digital marketing tutorial for beginners.

In this video, you will learn step by step how to start social media marketing as a beginner in 2020. I am fed up with the & # 39; digital marketing gurus hiding all their & # 39; Secrets & # 39 ;: This trouble-free training will teach you everything you need to start creating a digital marketing agency today.

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If you're wondering what social media marketing is, this video will not only tell you that, but also all this:

00:01 – Introduction to social media marketing
01:10 – FREE Competition
02:30 – What is social media marketing?
03:33 – Frequently asked questions about SMMA
05:41 – 3 key stages of success
06:55 – How to get customers for your SMMA
09:25 – Customer prospecting and lead generation
12:00 – How to close SMMA clients
14:35 – How to close SMMA meetings
25:16 – How to get results for your customers
25:36 – Digital marketing advertising platforms
26:48 – Understand the customer journey (funnel)
29:06 – Understand the value pyramids and the value stairs
31:29 – Creating Facebook ads for beginners
33:37 – Digital marketing trends for 2020
35:54 – Advanced training – Introduction to the Affluent Academy
37:28 – The Affluent Agency Award
38:18 – Winners of the Affluent Agency Award (Testimonials)
40:53 – Your first or next customer, guaranteed!
42:35 – FREE Advanced SMMA Training

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