How to start affiliate marketing for beginners: easier than you think


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Table of Contents:
0:21 What is included in this affiliate marketing tutorial?
1:53 Find a profitable niche
4:23 Find the best keywords
8:34 Find the best affiliate offers
13:01 Overview of the niche website
15:55 Niche website creation
20:46 Niche website optimization
25:50 Website content creation
31:30 Example of website content

#Affiliate marketing

This beginner affiliate marketing tutorial will show you how to start beginner affiliate marketing: easier than you think!

This affiliate marketing tutorial is ideal for beginners because it reviews each step in detail and does not address past issues too quickly.

Everyone who wishes to succeed in any form of affiliate marketing needs a web presence, and the basic element of a web presence is a website. Among all the website creation options (WIX, Squarespace, WordPress, etc.) WordPress is by far the best for affiliate marketing.

Although this affiliate marketing tutorial is basic, you can create your first affiliate marketing WordPress website in a couple of hours by following this video.

After watching other YouTube videos covering affiliate marketing tutorials for beginners, it seemed like they were too fast, confusing or not detailed enough. My goal with this affiliate marketing tutorial is to make it easy for beginners to create their first WordPress website covering each step at a reasonable pace and in chronological order.

If you are looking for a complete affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners, I think this video will be the best resource available and will allow you to create a WordPress website quickly.

Let me know if you have any questions about how to make your first WordPress affiliate marketing website in the comments.

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How to start affiliate marketing for beginners: easier than you think