How to track link clicks and button clicks in WordPress Easy Way


Do you want to track clicks on links and buttons on your WordPress site? Tracking clicks on links and buttons lets you know what your users are interacting with most on your site. You can use this knowledge to improve your site and create strategies for your future content. In this video, we'll show you how to easily track link clicks and button clicks in WordPress.

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The best tool we would recommend to track your site's analysis would be Google Analytics. However, Google does not always make your information the most human readable information that exists. To help with this, we recommend MonsterInsights add-ons and, for starters, the free version handles most general-use cases and can be found here:

If you want more advanced features and tracking, we recommend MonsterInsights pro that you can buy using the link above and even receive a discount if you use the WPBVIP code. In the Settings area, you can add the key for your professional version and MonsterInsights will change to professional functions. To easily configure Goole Analytics on this site, you can scroll down and activate the configuration wizard and go through the connection process.

You can select the Google account you want to access MonsterInsights to see your Analytics data and select the specific site you are currently in from a drop-down menu. MonsterInsights will handle the connection and the required code and continue with the configuration wizard where you can select different settings to enable or disable. This includes the type of file to track data and if you have affiliate links, it gives you the option to track them here.

MonsterInsights will bring all your Goole analytical data to your WordPress administration area in a format that is easier for most users to read. If you want to include electronic commerce tracking, you must go to Google Analytics in Administration, Objectives that you want to enable Electronic Commerce and Enhanced Electronic Commerce Reports. Now in MonsterInsights, you want to enable the e-commerce plug-in and enable enhanced e-commerce in the e-commerce section of the configuration to facilitate tracking of your products.

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