How to use inbound content marketing to generate sales leads


Can a single-person creative agency attract and generate sales opportunities using inbound marketing? Can you generate attractive content to attract customers even if you live in a small city?

HubSpot Certified Partner Agency and Inbound Marketing Certified. Specialist in digital growth, increase in website visitors and lead generation, specifically for B2B manufacturing and engineering companies.

02:28 – What is inbound marketing /
03:08 – Outbound Marketing vs. inbound marketing
11:20 – Inbound marketing costs 60% less
16:13 – Never sell, you will ALWAYS be helping
20:00 – Questions to discover your user personality
29:00 – How to market on your own
37:00 – Process
38:30 – Tools
40:00 – Ahrefs – tool to verify your SEO
48:00 – Respond to the public
50:00 – Lucid graphic
57:00 – Writer access: where to find writers

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