How to write a blog post that really gets traffic


Want to know how to write a blog post that really gets constant traffic? In this tutorial, you will learn the steps to write articles that appeal to the audience you want.
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Blogging when you are a beginner is difficult. I'm sure you've experienced writer's block or, worse, there is no blog traffic. And without traffic, you cannot earn money by blogging or grow your online business.

Even for us, it took us a lot of time, effort and a simple blog strategy that helped us attract more than 220,000 visitors to our blog each month (for free).

You will learn exactly how to use our blog strategy along with useful tips to start attracting readers and fans to your blog.

The first step is to create topics that have been shown to generate traffic.

I am sure you agree that you should write about something that you are passionate about or interested in. But this can often lead to failure.

If you want your blog to succeed, you should frame your content so that it focuses on your readers. The truth is that people are interested in themselves and not necessarily in yours.

While you can make informed guesses, you can use tools such as Ahrefs Keyword Explorer to find the exact keywords that people search on Google. This will allow you to accurately measure popularity and make intelligent decisions about what you should write.

The second step is to evaluate the search intention.

This means the reason behind a search engine's query. If you do not understand why someone is looking for a specific query, you cannot have them click on your article.

You can use a basic formula called "3 C of the search intention", which is covered in depth.

The next step is to write a data-based scheme.

Writing your thoughts is excellent, but it can also cause you to lose opportunities to get more traffic on the blog.

You will learn to analyze other main pages that receive a lot of traffic and integrate what works for them in your own publications before you start writing your draft.

The next step is to write your first draft.

You will learn some blog tips that you can use to write excellent posts that will keep your readers interested. You will also learn some techniques, such as the Pomodoro technique, which will help you quickly write blog posts.

The next step is to edit your draft.

Here, you will be shown some free tools that will help you edit like a pro. These tools can improve accuracy, speed and make the whole experience painless.

Best of all, one of the tools will help you maintain the readability of your perfect article for your audience.

In addition to these, you will learn some additional tips at Ahrefs. One of these tips has helped us build a loyal audience and allows us to constantly produce our best content.

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