How Tyreek Hill defeated Super Bowl was challenged by rally bosses


MIAMI GARDENS, Florida – Tyreek Hill admitted that it was difficult for him to remain positive when the seconds turned off. The 49ers had 17 direct points against Hill’s Chiefs and methodically converted the 10: 3 deficit into a 20: 10 lead, with less than nine minutes of play in the Super Bowl 2020.

"I thought," Man, how are we going to do this? "The chiefs broad recipient admitted.

Patrick Mahomes saw that. It wasn't just Hill; Many eyes on the Kansas City sideline were glassy and wide open. But Hill is his favorite destination. If the chiefs still had hope for a comeback after the season, they both had to be on the same side.

"Ten," said Mahomes, referring to Hill with his jersey number, "you have to believe it, brother. You have to believe the same faith that you have had throughout your career now. It will happen, man. I can feel it . "

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Perhaps half an hour after the Chiefs actually made their third comeback in three playoff games and defeated the 49ers 31-20, Hill was amazed at his quarterback's confidence.

"He brought the boys together and you will see what happened," he said. "We made it."

No wonder Hill was right in the middle of it. Mahomes aimed at him 16 times and the two joined for 105 of these nine attempts. Four of these catches came during the two drives that gave the Chiefs a 24-20 minute lead, including a groundbreaking 44-yard connection that Hill somehow opened wide and let Mahomes drop a perfect rainbow into his arms.

It was actually a bit of what it looked like a 16-yard pass on Second-and-15 had barely slipped through Hills' fingers and a Third-and-15 and 44-yard game changer had been put up.

"We are special," said Hill. “If I could continue playing on this team for the rest of my career, I would love it because the brothers' ties, the way we believe we play for each other, is crazy. We are all blessed to have each other.

“We all just want to win, and that was the end result today. We made it. "