How Tyreek Hill transitioned from ugly Super Bowl 2020 accusations


MIAMI – There was a time last spring when it would have been hard to imagine Tyreek Hill standing on a podium in Marlins Park on Monday night and talking about playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Hill was accused of breaking his 3-year-old son's arm in March. In April he heard a tone when he spoke to his fiance in a threatening tone. He was not allowed to participate in activities with the chiefs or go to their buildings all spring. Ultimately, the Johnson County, Canada attorney general decided not to indict and the NFL said there was insufficient evidence to suspend him, freeing Hill to play this season.

Now he's at the Super Bowl 2020 with the chance to be a star on the biggest stage.

"I had a hard piece or whatever, but I was able to get through my trust and the people I had around me and my supporters," said Hill about the extravagance of the "opening night". "I could still see my son. My son knows what's going on. Having my son around me in those moments was a really big deal that I needed, and I realized that I will always be here and will always be your father. I love you. "He still tells me today:" Papa, you are my best friend, no matter what happens. "

Although it looked like Hill could have a long suspension or even prison sentence, the 25-year-old said he never doubted that he would wear a Chiefs uniform this year.

"I always knew I was going to play," said Hill. “Some things had to be clarified. I had to trust the process and that was it. "

Tyreek Hill Chiefs are playing the Super Bowl 2020
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The chiefs were also confident.

"We were confident in the information that was presented to us," said Brett Veach, general manager of the company. "We were with the child and have a good feeling where it is and where it is going."

Before the season started, the Chiefs signed a three-year contract for $ 54 million. Hill moved from a possible suspension to financial protection.

"I feel like the chiefs, they gave me this opportunity and I won't take it for granted," said Hill. "I don't just play for myself. I play for my children. I play for my city and I play for organization. Everything I do will be on them and it will be on my children."

Hill missed four games with a broken collarbone but played for the Chiefs when he was on the field. He had 58 catches for 860 yards and seven touchdowns in 12 games. Hill said the Chiefs' contract extension not only meant a lot to him, but also to the people in his hometown Douglas, Ga.

"There was hope for many people where I came from. I'm from a small town," said Hill. "Many people don't have much money where I come from. I am the first child from my city to make it this far. I'm really blessed for the Chiefs to give me the amount of money. I thank them for that.

"I would never let these guys down."

Hill could make the Chiefs look terribly smart if they hold on to him, if he could break the 49ers defense on Sunday with his speed.

"I think you leave a legacy in this game," said Hill. “If you want to remember whether it's good or bad, I think this is the game. The media are watching. In this game you separate yourself from many players. Many people say I want to be the best recipient in the league, I want to be that, I want to be that. Here's your chance to prove it. Do you want to be the best? Prove it on the biggest stage in the world. "

Hill is likely to meet Richard Sherman, the 49er corner he is looking forward to.

"Richard Sherman, I respect your game, man," said Hill. "Thank you for blocking all recipients you have been confronted with. You really are a GOAT, man, and I really hope we can swap the jerseys after the game. A lot of respect to you. Stay healthy, stay humble, and keep grinding. "

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