How Yankee's fan became an Internet legend for trolling Astros: "gasp" and smile

<pre><pre>How Yankee's fan became an Internet legend for trolling Astros: "gasp" and smile

A winter vacation has made a New York student a little Internet celebrity.

Twitter user @Captainderk spoke to The Post on Wednesday morning after his trolling of the Astros at their spring training facility in West Palm Beach went viral this week. The student, who wanted to remain anonymous, posted videos of himself beat a trash can and call "scam" at Jose Altuve on Monday while the Astros franchise is involved in a scandal that has turned them into baseball villains.

"I'm a big baseball fan, so I wanted to do some exercises," said the lifelong Yankees fan. "When I called Altuve a cheater, there were a few breaths, but nobody said anything. When I hit the trash can [Carlos] Correa saw and smiled. An Astros fan said "good" right after my performance. "

The student said he was on vacation with his family in the West Palm Beach area and the Astros facility was "just a short drive away." Altuve has become one of the faces of the scandal, as some speculated that he also cheated with buzzers in 2019. The 2017 MVP called out to his teammates not to tear off his shirt after beating the pennant-winning homerun in game 6 of the ALCS against the Yankees.

Altuve has denied these allegations.

Sports players – from Mike Trout to Aaron Judge – have spent the first few days of spring training getting involved with the Astros' sins, including a poorly received apology last week. @Captainderk said he received a mixed response from the videos that were viewed more than 2 million times online. He has been featured on several notable websites, including Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports.

There has been a little taste of what the astros can expect when they travel to enemy stadiums this season.

"Some Astros fans found it funny, others are very upset about it," he said. "Overall, I would say that the reaction from the internet was positive, but Astros fans are extremely defensive towards their team. I didn't think it would blow up that much." My notifications were ridiculous for two days like never before. "