Huawei gives clues about EMUI 11. What does it want to tell us?


Huawei is heating up the spirits for the celebration of the HDC (Huawei Developers Conference)
that begins early next Thursday, Spanish time. This will be the place and time chosen to show all the news from EMUI 11 in society .
In order to encourage users, the brand has begun to post different "teasers" of what we are going to see in just a few days. It is a series of promotional images that suggest some of the new functions that we are going to find in the operating system, keeping the doubt as to whether it will be based on Android 10 or Android 11. What is clear is that Huawei will want to show the ease to install any type of apps , something that the user considers vital.

First clue

The first clue leaves us with a mobile phone shaking hands with other household appliances,which leads us to think directly about the interconnectivity of devices. EMUI 11 should become the nerve center of home demotics and it is possible that for this, a tool that powers HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) is being worked on.

The mirror in which the mobile is seen and the geometric shapes that accompany this EMUI 11 teaser could also allude to some change in the interface but at the moment it is too strange a concept to shape.

Second clue

Today's track, September 8, shows a man pressing his cell phone around countless
mathematical formulas. Apparently the promotional image of the company suggests a better UI/ UX design and new ways to control the mobile that will arrive in the Huawei catalog with EMUI 1.1

In this case the text that accompanies the image reads as follows: "Behind every ingeniousdesign is meticulous design, comfort is not simple at all!"
These first two tracks advance us a redesign of the interface and a greater emphasis on the
interconnectivity of devices, something that was already present in some rumors about
Huawei's operating system that also allude to changes regarding security and customization. All this while maintaining some ideas taken from Android previously, such as the option to create shortcuts for any app .

Following the release of EMUI 11, the brand will announce the list of supported devices and the requirements to participate in the beta testing of the software. Currently, Huawei has started

recruiting Huawei P40, Mate 30 series and MatePad Pro users to test the new features of EMUI 10.1 and it is expected that they will be the first to enjoy the news of the new version of EMUI.

Along with EMUI 11, Huawei will also release a HarmonyOS update, new kits for Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and new products, although no mobiles are expected.

Source: ITIGIC