Huge pressure escalates to cowboys with Mike McCarthy


With Giants fans, former players and owners, it never fit when Bill Parcells linked his star to Jerry Jones & # 39; Cowboys. The Giants dodged a bullet when Parcells failed to win their third Super Bowl there and retired after four seasons.

Mike McCarthy, who is interviewed with the Giants on Monday and lies in Jones' arms, will not cause the Giants fans the same amount of horror or dismay, and is unlikely to be forced to choose their psychiatrist.

But it absolutely adds a layer of intrigue and increases the stake for John Mara, Steve Tisch, Dave Gettleman and everyone else involved in the most critical coaching hunt the Giants have done in a long, long time.

Since Parcells left the Giants after Super Bowl XXV, the club has hired six head coaches – and three of them have lasted two years or less.

This is no time for your next head coach to be the fourth.

Gettleman is not the only one who desperately needs a better punch average.

There is only one team at NFC East that does not have a head coach with a Super Bowl appearance on their résumé:

The New York soccer giants.

John Mara; Dave Gettleman
John Mara; Dave GettlemanAnthony J. Causi

McCarthy won the Super Bowl XLV. Doug Pederson won the Super Bowl XLII. Ron Rivera reached Super Bowl 50 and lost to Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

The giants were wrong about Ben McAdoo.

You were wrong about Pat Shurmur.

A message to the Giants: don't you dare make a mistake now.

Nobody asks or should expect Matt Rhule – if he gets the job – or anyone else to magically turn the Giants into a Super Bowl contender.

It would be a good start to hire a male leader and a young quarterback, as well as a far-sighted man who wants to restore Giants pride.

Gettleman is and is willing to relinquish personnel power. There can be no deal breakers here now. A year ago, the Jets objected to Rhule's assistants and hired Adam Gase. Rhule now decides whether to offer him the job.

If indeed Rhule, who would come with Tom Coughlin's seal of approval, is the apple of her eye, the giants have to get her husband.

Remember McCarthy inherits a ready-to-use Super Bowl contender.

If the Giants were a rock band, they would be Question Mark and the Mysterians.

The next head coach has to light a fire among the entire team – especially the deadlock defense, which disregards tradition – and develop Daniel Jones into his Eli Manning.

At the Giants, Parcells had to hit Joe Gibbs from 1983 to 1990, Buddy Ryan from 1996 to 1990, and Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson from 1983 to 1990.

Coughlin had to fight Parcells from 2004 to 2006, Joe Gibbs from 2004 to 2007 and Andy Reid from 2004 to 2012.

The trick is to find a CEO head coach who doesn't shy away. Someone who orders the room. McAdoo and Shurmur were not presidents. You were vice presidents.

Everyone wants the adult in the room, but the adult in the room knows better how to motivate and win, or he becomes the previous adult in the room.

With the possible exception of 1979, when George Young hired Ray Perkins after The Fumble and NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle instructed him to get the Giants off the screen after the Mara family feud, this is the most critical franchise rental.

Giants fans have stripped their hair since the Super Bowl XLVI. You advocate a young Parcells, a young Coughlin.

McCarthy liked what Jerry Jones had to say better than what the Giants had to say. And so the next Giants head coach has to deal with McCarthy (and his defensive coordinator Mike Nolan) twice a year. And Rivera twice a year. And Pederson twice a year.

All of them were once hot helpers. Never any guarantees that have been well documented throughout the NFL over the years. Because you just never really know.

Gettleman vowed to kick his ass when he arrived. We are still waiting. In the meantime, it is up to the Giants to hire a head coach.

And if you bring him inside, make sure he doesn't go. Fly with Lawrence Taylor to fire him if he tries to leave.

Coughlin rejected the Giants in 1993 to stay at Boston College and Dave Wannstedt rejected them to work as head coach for the Bears. That led the Giants to Dan Reeves. "I was my mother's third choice," cracked Reeves, "and I don't feel like I'm less loved. The important thing is that I was your last choice."

The day they introduced Reeves, Young said, "I wanted a man who was organized, enthusiastic, committed, engaged, and disciplined and wanted to rise above the pack," he said.

A timely search ad.

Jerry Jones made an offer to McCarthy – a five-year offer – that he couldn't refuse.

The giants must make their first choice an offer that he cannot refuse.

It is time to be right, gentlemen.