Humio announces $ 20 million Series B to advance the unlimited logging tool


Humio, a startup that has developed a modern, unlimited logging solution, today announced a Series B investment of $ 20 million.

Dell Technologies Capital led the round with the participation of former investor Accel. Today’s investment brings the company a total of $ 32 million.

Humio According to Geeta Schmidt, co-founder and CEO, the startup wanted to develop a solution that allows companies to log everything while reducing the overall costs involved. This is a difficult problem due to the amount of resources and data. The company deals with customers who process several terabytes of data per day.

“We really wanted to build an infrastructure where it was easy to log everything and answer everything in real time. That is why we have developed an index-free logging solution that you can use to ask questions […] Ad hoc questions about large amounts of data, ”Schmidt told TechCrunch.

They are able to capture so much data using streaming technology, says the company’s EVP, Sales Morten Gram. “We have this real-time streaming engine that customers can use to monitor what they want to watch. So you can create dashboards and warnings for them [metrics] It will run in real time, ”said Gram.

Because the solution allows companies to log everything instead of choosing what to log, they can ask questions about things they may not know, such as: B. an ongoing security incident or major failure, and the response tracks the data in the logs as the incident occurs.

Perhaps more importantly, the company has developed technologies to reduce the cost of processing and storing such large amounts of data. “We thought a lot about doing a lot more with a lot less resources. For example, one of our customers who switched from a competitor switched from 80 to 14 servers and processed the same amount of data, ”she said.

According to Deepak Jeevankumar, managing director and main investor at Dell Technologies Capital, his company has recognized that Humio solves these problems in a creative and modern way.

“The Humio team has created a new protocol analysis architecture for the microservices era. This can support real-time analysis at full speed, while reducing storage and analysis costs by at least an order of magnitude, ”he said. “In a short amount of time, Humio has gained the trust of many Fortune 500 customers who have switched their protocol platforms from humane, old-fashioned architectures that are not scalable to the cloud world.”

The company’s customers include Netlify, Bloomberg, HP Aruba and Michigan State University. It offers on-prem, cloud and hosted SaaS products. The company also announced today that it is introducing an unlimited admission schedule for hosted SaaS customers.