I mature review: Hopeless youth inspires humor in this MX player sit-com



director: Prem Mistry

occupation: Rashmi Agdekar, Omkar Kulkarni, Chinmay Chandraunshuh, Visshesh Tiwari

TVF has largely succeeded in highlighting the popular content of growing up, which firstly puts thousands of years of life in the foreground and secondly, the adults, who may want to ask them to treat themselves to a few distracted moments, evoke a grumpy sentimentality without guilt. Now, with MX Player, a video app-driven streaming platform, the authors of type content have found a partner that promotes TVF's persistence in a new vision to capture the zeitgeist of Indian youth. Your first collaboration takes the form of a sitcom based on a high school Immature, an official selection from Canneseries.

Created by Sameer Saxena (The Meri family. Permanent roommate), the miniseries follows the burgeoning relationship between Dhruv (Omkar Kulkarni), a reluctant and shy boy, and Chhavi (Rashmi Agdekar), the easygoing, popular girl from Sacred Heart. Dhruv's quest for his first romantic association leads him through the whole world of innocent and distant infatuation to stubborn ways to achieve what he thinks is necessary (see the Triple H Rule).

The series starts with the confident voice of Dhruv: "If you want to recognize the true power of tomorrow, you have to look at today's schoolchildren." Not funny, except that Dhruv and his friends are still far from it, at least at this point being the type to be reckoned with.


Dhruv has two friends who make him believe that what they think or seem to impose on him is indeed the best for him. Kabir (Chinmay Chandraunshuh) has a crush on Chhavi's best friend Natasha (Himika Bose) and imagines that if Dhruv completes, the likelihood that Kabir will be stopped shortly afterwards is reasonable. Its only purpose is to speed up the process of growing up so that Dhruv can cope with the pressure of being a man.

Master Susu (Visshesh Tiwari) is unconsciously aware of the crooked duo that Kabir and Dhruv make up for, but he doesn't mind as long as he has company. Susu is sure to be in a mess with them, but if he's never alone, how is it really important?

Chhavi herself is a real rebel. She slumbers at school and goes to the cinema, has an appointment with older people and is sometimes playfully mischievous, but at first she is not useless and absent like Dhruv, Kabir and Susu. But she too is involved in the dilemma of holding on to what she wants or simply letting go of it. In the crisis, however, she gets her money's worth.


The makers have effectively limited themselves to painting a goal on reckless boys who ultimately find their way. But there is a strong lack of character that contradicts the funky plot. A point comes in the form of Shantanu (Nikhil Vijay), Chhavi's ex-boyfriend who teaches, feeds and respects poor children, but the trio of friends parodies him, not much at their own risk, and Chhavi finds his own philanthropic Ways to be boring. He is on the edge of the immature plot that forms the center of this mini-series.

The performances of the main actors are so funny that they do not go overboard and the director Prem Mistry has to be credited with the balancing act with the script and the delivery. The authors have taken the liberty to use abusive language, but it is being lost under the guise of increasing frustration among school children. Added to this is the fact that the Indian public is not very attentive or new to using the stark language to create situational humor.

The outstanding achievement is that of Susu, who somehow managed to master the art of rustic refutation in order to generate tingling humor in this five-part, 25-minute series. A long list of classic TVFs such as Jitendra Kumar, Sameer Saxena, Nidhi Singh, Biswapati Sarkar, Badri Chavan and Gopal Dutt appear in cameos. Vice Presidents shine in their respective roles.

Unlike Netflix or Hotstar, MX Player offers streaming at no cost. in the ImmatureI assume that they work with experts in the genre and therefore have little scope to be in charge. It will be nice to see how they take it from here. Observe Immature for performances. Immature streams to MX Player.

Stars: 3/5

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