In return, Marcus Morris ticks with Knick's fate

<pre><pre>In return, Marcus Morris ticks with Knick's fate

Three weeks before the close on February 6, the Knicks' top scorer – and probably their most marketable chip – returned to the starting line-up.

Marcus Morris was back against Phoenix on Thursday night after missing the last five games with a neck injury, but his 17 points were not enough to avoid the seventh Knicks defeat in eight games (121: 98 against the Suns).

“My body felt really good. I just needed some time, ”said Morris. “I've had a few big hits, good hits, against physical teams in the past few weeks. Just a little crappy, but I'm fine. If it were a problem, I would not be out there. "

The Knicks didn't think Morris was badly injured when he first suffered a loss to the Clippers on January 5, but the nine-year-old NBA veteran had to wait ten days. The Knicks still have nine games to go before the deadline to make a decision about Morris, who signed a $ 15 million one-year deal last summer.

"This is not my job. My job is to go out and play basketball. Whatever they do above they do," said Morris of the trade meeting. "My job is to continue trying to lead these young people and getting better, and getting better yourself. "

Third-year security guard Frank Ntilikina was also back in uniform after missing two games with a groin injury and scoring two points in 1-7 shooting with six assists in 24 minutes. Knicks' choice for the first round of 2017 missed about six weeks with a similar injury last season, but insisted that the severity of his current illness wasn't comparable to the one that bothered him last year.

Forward Kenny Wooten, who signed a two-way contract for the Knicks G-League earlier this week, was not on the team despite training with the Knicks on Wednesday. He will play for Westchester on Saturday, said coach Mike Miller.

Reggie Bullock (sore throat) couldn't play. The Knicks held the Pride Night in the garden and Bullock has been one of the leading NBA activists for the LGBTQ community since his transgender sister Mia Henderson was stabbed in 2014. Another sister, Keiosha Moore, was murdered in Baltimore in October.

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