In the PES 2020 demo, Messi & mdash; and looks & mdash; authentic

pes 2020 demo PES 2020 demo red card

PES 2020 wants you to feel like a cover star. Yes, the guy in the photo above. To achieve this, Konami sat down with Lionel Messi's former teammate Andrés Iniesta to advise on a new mechanic: Finesse Dribble. (We suspect Messi himself wasn't available, but who's better than the best-decorated Spanish footballer of all time? More importantly, Iniesta is known for his dribble, but we don't have to tell you that when you read this. ) Now you can dodge left and right with one push of the right stick to sneak past defenders who have the advantage of quick play, lack of space, and missile attack.

Thanks to the PES 2020 demo released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on Tuesday, we were able to try out the Finesse dribble with the Barça superstar. And now it works. If you know what you're doing, of course. We only had a couple of hours, but on certain occasions as Messi, we managed to get past one or two top defenders – either from Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester United or Arsenal, the other four big teams to choose from Demo – before a curling shot is driven into the far corner. It even went in once. This is good news for a game that regularly features goalless draws.

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(Note: The PES-AI makes tactical changes if you use a particular player too often. When we tried to practice finesse dribble with Messi in a match, the CPU-AI finally triggered "tight marking" for the Argentine Tactically on the go Instructions are not new to PES, but they act as a deterrent against finesse dribbling.)

Better still, that's not the only new mechanic coming to PES 2020. Konami offers "No Touch Control" with which you can "run next to an incoming ball without making contact". We're having trouble pulling it through in the demo, but hopefully that's just a lack of practice. And then there are even more ways to solve quick stops, traps and fakes. The latter require you to relearn some skills such as step-over, a variety of scissors, and & # 39; Gambetta & # 39; made famous by Diego Maradona. These mechanics become more important when the context for the shots in PES 2020 is more important. Players can slip if they take the shot, if they run too fast and / or are under pressure.

In addition, there is a new mechanism with which the ball can be thrown as a goalkeeper by double-clicking on RT (XB1) / R2 (PS4). Defenders will also get a new mechanic in PES 2020, with the option to intentionally dirty an opponent – by double-clicking the A (XB1) / X (PS4) button – if you have no other options. However, it is not a panacea. You still need to be near the attacker to pull it off. Otherwise your defender will attack grass and nothing else. And even if it works, you'll get a card (most likely) for obvious reasons.

In PES 2020, all of the primary controls are the same as in previous PES games, and you can customize and remap them as you like.

From our time with the PES 2020 demo, we felt that Konami was trying to make the defense a bit harder. Aggressive jostling – especially with a non-defender – now leads to a foul, as opposed to the previous state in which players essentially bind themselves to the people involved in the ball, running circles around them until they put one foot in and then the Ball can hit ball to (possibly) gain possession of the ball. That said, we were still able to fight defenders with mid-level attackers – an issue that occurred in previous PES games – although it wasn't an issue in the higher levels of difficulty.

However, the biggest defensive error in the PES 2020 demo was that we got a red card for no apparent reason. We have evidence from different angles, listen to us. As you can see in the GIF below, there is practically no contact between Juventus & Rodrigo Bentancur and Barças Ivan Rakitić, but the Croatian was still dismissed. (We checked to see if Rakitić's left arm touched Bentancur's left leg, and it didn't.) Yes, we wanted to spot the Uruguayan, but we couldn't even touch him. That says a lot about our ability to slide, but even more about the PES 2020 demo. Hopefully it's just a demo bug.

pes 2020 demo PES 2020 demo red card

Such a convincing dive
Credit: Konami

In addition to the new mechanics, the PES 2020 demo is also the first shop window for Konami's improved player models and the improved rendering of alternators and turf. We are happy to inform you that there is a visual upgrade, be it for the players, a more realistic environment and a better looking lawn. Konami claims that the lighting on the field will change as the game progresses, but we weren't able to test this properly in the demo because the game time is limited to 5 minutes. Attention to the visual continues beyond the square, with the menus being much more appealing. We'd rather be late than never.

Speaking of tiny new features in PES 2020, the game now offers explanations for your mistakes to help you improve. Sometimes a pop-up dialog box gives reasons for what just happened – for example, a mishap – and how it could affect your gameplay. And in the game settings menu, there is now a new substitution option, 3 + 1 for extra time, which is pretty self-explanatory and aligns PES 2020 with some real global tournaments. Of course, you can't see it in action in the demo as there is no additional time option, but hey, it will be available in full game if you choose to buy it.

There are three game modes available for what you get in the PES 2020 demo: Quick Match (online), Exhibition, and Co-op (both local). Online is now called "eFootball" to go with the inelegant renaming of the game itself. (It is now officially called "eFootball PES" and not just "PES", which Konami says is the main focus on e-sports.) We couldn't find a game, even though we waited about 10 minutes late on Tuesday after the demo started , But it's unclear whether it's because nobody played or whether it's the match-making net code, as Konami still doesn't tell you how many players are online at any given time.

pes 2020 demo online PES 2020 demo

This is the online area
Credit: Konami

Restricted to offline actions against the CPU, we found that the gameplay in the PES 2020 demo largely reflects our experience with PES 2019. AI teammates still don't know how to provide support, especially in midfield. Just when you expect them to move faster, you will sit back and lose ownership. And combined with a slight defensive press, a lack of short pass and limited playtime in the demo, most games ended with zero-zero.

Indeed, most of our goals stemmed from the defensive errors of the CPU-AI, which were variants of taking possession of the ball. (If you think about it, there is a bit of real football truism behind it.) A few were the result of a keen sense of goal achievement – brilliant air through balls, good first touch, and then an opulent finish – with PES 2020 demo, otherwise the Continues path of realism with bad passes and individual mistakes in front of the gate.

While the introduction of finesse dribbling is a good first step to counteracting the disadvantages of fast gameplay, Konami can do a lot more to make PES more tactical. The inability to change the direction of the pass before hitting the ball is a good place to start. The fact that EA Sports is further adapting this mechanism in FIFA 20 means that it will be even harder if both games fail.

As in previous years, PES 2020 will be released on September 10th before FIFA 20. There will be a lot more to test in the final version – with a new, reworked "matchday" experience manager mode and everything else that wasn't included in the demo – and we'll look at that in more detail.