In this Ramzan, restaurants across Chennai will find innovative ways to deliver Iftar meals


Ramzan looks very different this year. However, restaurants across the city find innovative ways to serve iftarwith carefully compiled packs that can be delivered to customers’ homes. In order to meet the economic and practical challenges of COVID-19, menus are inexpensive and geared towards traditional home cooking.


In this Ramzan, restaurants across Chennai will find innovative ways to deliver Iftar meals

“This year we made sure that our prices were lower than last year, mainly due to the crisis,” said Abid Zahid of Abid.

The restaurant has take-out and limited iftar Box combo of four varieties this year. You also came up with one Nombu Kanji Combo. “Break the Ramzan in Chennai Nombu Kanji is the tradition, and this nutritious, delicious rice and lentil porridge is usually offered for free in the mosque. But this tradition has to be broken off this year, and that’s why we came up with it Nombu Kanji Combo, ”he says.

The price is £ 150 and includes 350 ml Kanji, Spring rolls and Samosa. They also offer Haleem, Hyderabadi dum biryani and khubani ka meetha.

While the restaurant usually offers a festive, extensive menu, they remain stuck with their typical dishes this year due to the block. Try it pathar ka gosht, Chicken samosas and kebabs.

“Since our Hyderabadi chef has been working full-time in Chennai since last year, all of his specialties are including Haleemare available every day of the year, ”says Abid. He adds, “But the only difference this year is that we’ve limited the festive menu.”

Abids, Spurtank Road, Chetpet. Contact: 9841284703. Available from Dunzo, Swiggy and Zomato.

Al Souk

The iftar Box here has a selection of Turkish, Arabic and Egyptian dishes like chicken kabsaEgyptian chicken Sambusek, Mahalabia (a creamy milk pudding) and Karkade, a drink made from hibiscus.

“In this period of uncertainty, I wanted that iftar Box to be special, affordable and affordable. Without prioritizing our profit, we set the cost at £ 375 plus tax, and that would be enough for two, ”said Mohamed Moiz, managing partner. All orders must be placed before 5:30 p.m.

Al Souk, Nungambakkam. Contact: 9884995557. Available from Dunzo, Swiggy and Zomato.

Shiraz Art Cafe

In this Ramzan, restaurants across Chennai will find innovative ways to deliver Iftar meals

Iranian cook Nasrin Karimi, who heads the Shiraz Art Café, has put together thoughtful meals for customers throughout the curfew. “This is the first time that I am offering combination packages for iftarand I made it difficult for families to sit together and enjoy, ”she says, adding that she works with a small team that now stays in the restaurant.

For the month of Ramzan she has three different meal combinations: mutton, chicken and vegetarian. The chicken combination (Rs 1500) contains chicken Biryani, Kebab, saffron rice, flatbread and an Iranian dessert. While the mutton combination (Rs 1800) offers mutton Biryani, for vegetarians (Rs 1300) it offers Paneer with BBQ sauce and Kadai also vegetables. All of these meals come with a free serving of 500 ml Nombu Kanji.

“I also make special items like Iranian barbari bread with Murabba Jam and butter, garlic bread, fish fingers and chicken cutlet, ”she says, adding that they are taking orders for their typical drinks, such as rose Sharbat and Shiraz tea.

Book your meals one day in advance. It has partnered with Dunzo for delivery within a five kilometer radius and has agreed to deliver to and from RA Puram, Nungambakkam, Kilpauk and Anna Nagar on Fridays and Sundays.

Shiraz Art Cafe, Neelangarai. Contact: 9840572126.

Bay leaf

In this Ramzan, restaurants across Chennai will find innovative ways to deliver Iftar meals

“Last year we only had a Ramzan special menu for a weekend, but this year we developed combination boxes for the whole month,” says Abhyuday Purkayastha, who heads the Bayleaf Bengali specialty restaurant. The boxes are packed in sealed single portion trays and without cutlery. They offer Biryani Combo (Rs 350), the Naan / Roti Combo (Rs 260) and Rolls Combo (Rs280).

This includes chicken Biryani along with a kebab, Raitha and dessert. There is also a version with Naanand chicken samosas. For the vegetarians there is Paneer Sauce and vegetables Samosa.

“Our kitchen now has an alarm that reminds the staff to refurbish the surface and wash their hands. We also do daily temperature checks for the staff and everyone wears a mask and gloves, ”says Abhyuday.

Take-away and home delivery is possible from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and from 5.45 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. on Dunzo, Swiggy and Zomato.

Bayleaf, Gopalapuram. Contact: 28114557.

Novotel Chennai Chamiers Road

In this Ramzan, restaurants across Chennai will find innovative ways to deliver Iftar meals

Chef Kalaiselvan, chef at the Novotel Chennai Chamiers Road, has teamed up with his team to curate an affordable offer iftar Pack that is good value for money even though it comes from a luxury hotel. The box for three adults contains Hyderabadi mutton dum biryani, Chicken Tikka, Dal Makhani, Rumali RotiSaffron rice kheer and costs £ 699 all inclusive. “Chefs have lived in the hotel since the lock and workstations were cleaned three times a day,” says chef Kalaiselvan, adding that the chefs are now wearing masks and gloves.

The lunch box is available for lunch and dinner. Customers must call an hour in advance, both to take away and to deliver.

Novotel Chennai Chamiers Road, Nandanam. Contact: 7824808009. Available for Dunzo, Swiggy and Zomato.