Incredibly effective call to action (CTA) formula for video marketing – VLOG 6


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You need two things if you are tired of creating videos that do not bring you sales or grow your business.

The first thing is to use a CTA or a call to action at the end of your video. But not just any CTA, you need one that squeezes every possible click and we discovered a 3-step formula that has given us up to 45% clicks on our YouTube videos.

When creating your CTA, you want to start with the recap of what you taught in the video. Then you move directly to Create a new problem. Although their video added value and taught them what they needed to know, there is always more they can learn. And by creating a related problem, you can go directly to the third part of the Call to Action, which is giving you the solution to the problem you just created.

Let me give you an example …

If someone tried to find instructions to "bake a chocolate chip cookie" and find my video titled "How to bake a chocolate chip cookie", I would take all the steps. Then, at the end of the video, I would say: "There they go, those were my 5 steps to create the perfect chocolate chip cookie, but they still need the perfect ingredients, otherwise their cookie will not taste good. And we have found the ingredients of flavor". That made the most delicious cookie I have ever tasted. If you want this for free, click here, enter your email and I will send it to you immediately! "

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