Indian forces thwart BAT's disruptive actions before Pakistan starts them: MM Naravane, general of the Indian army


Chief of the Indian Army, MM Naravane, said Thursday that the Indian Armed Forces will not allow the Pakistani Armed Forces' Border Action Team (BAT) to interfere, as the army frustrates attempts before the enemy can launch them. General Naravane that the army has received inputs. BAT includes regular army personnel as well as mercenaries from groups such as Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and is responsible for carrying out surprise attacks on Indian guards along the control line (LoC). ,

General Naravane emphasized that there are between 15 and 20 terrorist camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), which contain about 250 to 350 terrorists at any one time. The numbers can vary at different times. The army chief said: "There are still 15 to 20 terrorist camps in Kashmir, which are occupied by Pakistan, and contain about 250 to 350 terrorists at any one time, and the number may vary."

He also said that the buildup of pressure by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) on Pakistan is one of the factors in reducing terrorism in the Kashmir Valley. "If the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) acts heavily on them, they (Pakistan) may need to rethink their rhetoric and activities. The FATF is a factor in reducing terrorist activity in the Kashmir Valley," said General MM Naravane Reporter.

General Naravane spoke about the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, saying that terrorist attacks have slowed and the army continues to exert pressure on terrorist groups. ""The decline in cross-border terrorism has an external dimension," he said in a diagonal reference to the ongoing plenary session of the FATF in Paris. "Pakistan may need to rethink its strategy because even China has recognized it has that it cannot always support its all-weather friend, "said the army chief in the plenum of the FATF, adding:" China also recognized that it cannot support its all-weather friend. "(Pakistan) all the time. & # 39; & # 39;

Arny’s chief welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision to grant a permanent commission to female officers of the armed forces and claimed that the armed forces had “"championing gender equality” http: // zeenews. india. com / ". He added that the Apex court's order will create a sense of clarity and purpose to employ officials to make the organization more efficient.

"The Supreme Court decision is to be welcomed because it creates a sense of clarity and purpose to employ officers to make the organization more efficient. I must assure you that all members of the Indian Army, including women officers, have the same opportunities to make a contribution. " the nation as well as progress in their careers, "he said, welcoming the verdict as empowering.

The Supreme Court ruled on February 17 that female officers in the army should be given permanent commission and command posts. "The Indian army does not discriminate against a soldier on the basis of religion, caste, belief or even gender. The views of the Indian army were consistently the same, which is why we started admitting female officers back in 1993," said the army chief.

The Indian army has taken the initiative to admit women to the base, and the first group of 100 female soldiers are being trained at the Corps of Military Police Center and at school, he added. Letters are sent to female officers asking if they prefer a permanent assignment, the army chief said.