Indian Railways deploys over 2,500 doctors and 35,000 paramedics to tackle the coronavirus COVID-19 challenge


To step up the fight against the corona virus, the Indian railways will use more than 2,500 doctors and 35,000 paramedics on Wednesday to meet the COVID-19 challenge, an official statement said. The Railroad Health Department is preparing and equipping to complement government health efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

It should be noted that the railroads have a chain of 586 health units, 45 sub-department hospitals, 56 department hospitals, 8 production unit hospitals and 16 zone hospitals across the country. A significant portion of these facilities will now be dedicated to the fight against the coronavirus.

With a total of 2,546 positions for doctors and 35,153 paramedics, including nursing staff, pharmacists and other categories of employees, Railways is ready to face any challenge in the fight against COVID-19. In a new initiative, the Rail Health Service has now been made available to all central government employees across the country. The services include primary, secondary and tertiary care in certain specialist areas.

Indian Railways took the following initiatives: 1. Converting coaches to quarantine / isolation facilities: Indian Railways is converting 5,000 train cars nationwide into quarantine / isolation facilities for 80,000 beds for COVID-19. The campaign was launched by Zonal Railways on a war basis. The conversion of 3250 buses has already been completed.

2. 5000 beds intended for the treatment of COVID patients: Around 5,000 beds in 17 special hospitals and 33 hospital blocks in railway hospitals were identified for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. These hospitals and blocks are being prepared for this purpose.

3. 11,000 quarantine beds: 11,000 quarantine beds were made available in the Indian Railways facilities to combat COVID-19.

4. Availability of medical devices – ventilators and PPE: The availability of a sufficient number of personal protective devices (PPE), ventilators, etc. would be crucial in the fight against COVID-19. Railway zones and production units have taken measures to procure ventilators, PPE and medical equipment to meet their COVID-19 combat needs.

5. It should be noted that Railways has already started producing its own personal protective equipment (PPE). The aim is to produce around 1,000 PSAs a day, which may be scaled up.

6. Rail Health Services Provided to All Central Government Employees: Rail Health Services have been provided to all central government employees across the country when showing their ID at the railroad hospital / health center.

Indian Railways makes every effort to support the Center in its efforts to curb the spread of the deadly virus. The spectrum of steps includes the equipment of the existing railway hospitals to cover the need for COVID-19, the provision of hospital beds to cover the eventualities, the hiring of additional doctors and paramedics, the modification of passenger cars as isolation wagons, the availability of medical equipment, in-house production of PPE and fans etc.