Instagram Now you can identify accounts that should no longer be followed

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Instagram now divides your list of followers into "least interacted with" and "most frequently in the feed".

Instagram Now you can identify accounts that should no longer be followed
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Instagram recently introduced a feature that displays a list of people a user follows, in two categories, including "Least Interacts with" and "Most Viewed in the Feed" brand, which lets users know what exactly the function does.

"Would you like to see which Instagram accounts appear most frequently in your feed and who you interact with least? Now you can! Just tap "Follow" and manage your list from there. "

To use this feature, the user must do the following:

1. Open Instagram

2. Go to your profile

3. Tap the "Follow" option

4. You will see both the categories "least interacted with" and "most common in the feed".

An Instagram spokesman told TechCrunch that the portal is about bringing the person who uses the platform closer to the people and things that matter to them. However, it is also known that interests and relationships can develop and change over time. The aim of the brand is to make it easy for users. The idea is to let the user manage the accounts he is following with ease, so that the current connections and interests of the user are optimally presented.

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