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The Instagram story video is a great instrument for all types of businesses. In this video, Olga will share how to get started and succeed with the Instagram Story video.
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To be successful with IG stories, there are some things that one needs to know, both in the technical aspect and in the content.
Today, the Instagram Story feature has more than 400 million daily users. Most likely, in 2019, more people will see Instagram stories than videos and posts in the feed. That's why creating Instagram Story videos should definitely become an important part of your video marketing strategy.
In this video, Olga will explain:
✅ How to start with many Instagram Story features
✅What is the perfect duration of the video / image of the Instagram story?
HatWhat Instagram Story video requirements are
Ros Pros and cons of adding video through the native Instagram app
If you are still considering whether you should start with the Instagram Story videos, watch this video to answer your questions.

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