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You just bought one Doorbell video doorbell pro keep an eye on your front door. What now? It's time to dive into the installation, but don't worry. This $ 249 hardwired buzzer from Amazon Smart Home Company Ring is easier to install than you might think. Yes, some electrical cables are required, but I will walk you through every step so you know what to expect. As always, contact an electrician if you have any questions about your specific home setup.


The hard-wired Ring Video Doorbell Pro costs $ 249.

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Step 1: test your WiFi

Before you start, you should run a network speed test on your phone where you want to install your Ring Video Doorbell Pro. As with any Wi-Fi enabled device, its quality is only as good as the connection in which the product is installed. With a live streaming Video Doorbella slow connection can cause delay times, pixel formation in the video feed and other problems.

If your connection is slow, try it These practical tips improve your WiFi connection,

Step 2: Download the ring app

Download the Ring app and create an account if you don't already have one. In this case, log in with your existing account information.

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The ring app guides you through the individual steps.

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Step 3: Select Set up a device in the app

On the home screen, click Set Up Device and select Doorbells from the device list. Next, take your doorbell and scan the QR code on the side of the doorbell.

Step 4: Enter your address

Next, the Ring app will ask you to enter the address (or confirm if you have an account) under which you want to install the doorbell. According to the ring, this information is needed for some of the functions of your doorbell to work. Visit this ring support page for more information. If you're concerned about Ring's privacy, read on This article on Ring's Police Partnerships,

Then the app prompts you to name your doorbell. Here you will find a list of common options such as front door and office. However, you can also create a custom name.

Step 5: Turn off the circuit breaker

Now it is time to turn off the power for your doorbell and the ringtone (if any) on the circuit breaker.

Step 6: remove the old doorbell

Remove the existing doorbell bezel (it should be easy to pull off). Take a screwdriver and loosen the base plate. Remove the base plate and set the old doorbell aside.

Step 7: install the new doorbell

Connect your two existing doorbell wires to the screws on the back of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and tighten the screws to secure the wires. Attach the base plate of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro to the door frame using the screws provided (or where you install the doorbell). You may need to drill new holes if the new doorbell doesn't match the dimensions of the old one.

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Installing the Pro Power Kit is a simple but important step.

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Step 8: install the Pro Power Kit V2

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is also supplied with a Pro Power Kit which is connected to the bell in your house (if available) to regulate the power supply to the doorbell.

Make sure that the internal chime is turned off. Remove the glockenspiel cover and loosen the front and transponder screws. Connect a cable from the Pro Power Kit to each connector without removing the cables already connected to these connectors. Read more about the Pro Power Kit here.

Step 9: Enter the WiFi information

The Ring app prompts you to join the Ring WiFi network, and then prompts you to enter information for your own WiFi network.

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All four removable front panels – black, satin nickel (silver color), Venetian (bronze) and mother of pearl (cream white) – are supplied with your purchase.

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Step 10: attach the front bezel

The Ring Video doorbell Pro comes with four different removable front panels in the colors satin nickel (silver), Venetian (bronze), mother of pearl (cream white) and black, which are connected to the base plate of the video doorbell Pro. Select one and screw in the locking screw at the bottom of the doorbell to hold it in place.

That was it, you're done. Now you can use your Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Visit the settings area in the app to customize the functions of your doorbell, e.g. B. Setting up your own Ink Recognition Zones,