Interested NFL teams could come to Tom Brady

<pre><pre>Interested NFL teams could come to Tom Brady

According to NBC Sports Boston, Tom Brady plans to give up the typical free agent recruitment dance, which could be a sign that the six-time Super Bowl champion is generating great interest among other teams.

According to Tuesday's report, Brady is considering setting up a single location to meet teams interested in the six-time Super Bowl champion.

Although the official free agency is away for a month, Brady and his agent Don Yee heard loud Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk already of teams that would sign him. The fact that Brady and his warehouse are considering this approach probably means that several teams are interested in the experienced signal caller.

There are soccer and business reasons why Brady might have a long list of teams that are interested in him.

Even though Brady turns 43 on August 3, many still consider him one of the league's best quarterbacks. Perhaps more importantly for these teams, any new squad who sign up for the legendary quarterback will make big profits from jersey and ticket sales.

Previously, Brady had a message for the haters who think he should retire or that his legendary days are in the past.

The quarterback, who has played with the Patriots for 20 seasons, has posted some clips from his training with Ms. Gisele Bündchen on Instagram, sharing some news with critics.

"Bet against me," Brady wrote in an Instagram story, showing his TB12 clothing "Gratitude & Determination 20".

"And you think you've seen the best of me," he continued, adding, "I'm grateful that you doubt me and I'm determined to prove the opposite to you … again."