InVideo raises $ 2.5 million and launches an automated wizard to improve your videos

<pre><pre>InVideo raises $ 2.5 million and launches an automated wizard to improve your videos

Video editing startup InVideo has new funding and a new product.

Headquartered in San Francisco, the easiest way for anyone to create professional-quality videos using a drag-and-drop interface, plus a library of templates and photos and videos. The resulting videos can then be optimized for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other platforms.

The new assistant from InVideo supports the process even more. As co-founder and CEO Sanket Shah showed me, when creating a video, it automatically suggests how the video could be improved – he compared it to grammar, but for video.

According to Shah, the assistant is currently focusing on two areas, both of which are text-related. First, it ensures that all the text on the screen is legible, so that you don't have light text on a light background, for example. Second, it ensures that the text is "understandable" – so that not too much text is displayed on the screen or that it does not pass too quickly.

"We all think that design is very creative, but there is also a lot of science in it," he said.

Shah told me that the founders of InVideo first worked on a startup to create 10-minute video summaries of nonfiction. At that moment, they realized that creating videos is a very painful process that is simply not scalable. So they started the current startup hoping to solve this problem.

The company currently has 100,000 customers – including AT&T, Sony Music, Reuters, CNN and CNBC – in 150 countries.

It might seem surprising to a large media company to have to use such a tool, but Shah said: “The users who use us [at those large companies] Today there are no video editors. If you want to constantly make videos about the US election, this is not a video editor, but a news producer with limited or nonexistent editing experience.

The prices for the editor start at $ 10 a month. However, there is also a free version if you have nothing against watermarks.

InVideo also announces that the company raised an additional $ 2.5 million from Sequoia Capital India & # 39; s Surge, along with angel investors Anand Chandrasekaran and Gokul Rajaram. It has now raised a total of $ 3.2 million.

"InVideo has really sparked the imagination of our users with its user-friendly online video editor and excellent customer support," said Ayman Al-Abdullah, CEO and President of the AppSumo website for software deals, in a statement. "In fact, it has become the best-selling product in AppSumo history."