Irrfan Khan’s & ldquor; The lunch box & # 039; Co-star Nimrat pays tribute to the actor


Irrfan Khan in a still image The lunch box (courtesy of filmy.films)


  • Irrfan Khan died at the age of 53
  • “Talking about him only in the past tense is crazy,” Nimrat Kaur told PTI
  • “I can’t believe it,” she added

New Delhi:

Nimrat Kaur, who shared the screen area with Irrfan Khan in Ritesh Batra’s critically acclaimed feature The lunch boxrecalls the actor as a keen observer of life, the mere presence of which was sufficient for a frame.

The 53-year-old actor lost his fight with a rare form of cancer and died Wednesday in a Mumbai hospital. He was buried in the Versova cemetery in the afternoon.

Nimrat recalled that while filming in 2013, she didn’t have much opportunity to interact with Irrfan, but got to know him during the doctorates.

“We didn’t cross more than a few times when we were shooting The lunch box. But I had time to spend time with him during the promotions and when the film was released and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, “Nimrat told PTI.

“He was deeply rooted as a human being and a keen observer of life and nothing missed his eyes. He had a razor-sharp mind. He was a perfect vessel as an actor where he would go and with him as a vehicle, so the story goes on why it was an Irrfan Khan performance. He got so much gravity and life, even when he was in a frame, he didn’t have to say anything, his eyes were … you learn so much just by watching him, “you added.

The 38-year-old actress said Irrfan’s death was a “personal loss” for her and she hadn’t been able to deal with it.

“It’s a personal loss for anyone and everyone who loved his films, loved him as an audience, or interviewed or met him. It’s a moment in time defined by the reaction that comes in. Then you know how much an actor is loved and revered and missed. “

Nimrat went on to say that Indian cinema will not be “the same” without a lunatic.

“Every other film is on the one hand and Irrfan Khan’s film is on the other hand, it had a different intrigue, you knew you were waiting for something unexpected. It is the biggest blow you can imagine for our country. Just to talk about him in the past tense is crazy. I can’t believe it. “

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