Is AI Automated Coding the Next Era of Programming?


Automation and artificial intelligence have reformed various industries and according to industry experts, more than a quarter of jobs are under threat since AI can automate 70 percent of all the administrative and operational tasks.

Furthermore, the recent developments suggest the evidence of successful coding by AI and automation of programming.

Automated coding with the help of Artificial Intelligence has brought extreme improvement in efficiency and productivity for various organizations.  The prospects of AI automated coding have reached high and expected to be combating human intelligence in numerous ways.

The introduction of advanced and innovative AI in programming may create a wave of unemployment, job replacement, and disappearing of certain job roles.

Impact of AI coding on Programmers

 With the innovation of technology, the job roles are expecting more openness to new developments and continuous upgrades for career augmentation. Therefore, with the implementation of automation and AI coding, some programmers are not willing to upgrade their capabilities and stay behind time.

While some prospective programmers are ready to embrace this as a new challenge and ready to augment as per the drive. The impact of AI coding is beneficial for organizations, provided that employees are open to accept this innovation.

Automation and Unemployment

 Technological advancements and introduction to innovative platforms give rise to several drawbacks. The number of robots in industries is increasing at a rate of 14% each year and more than 37% of employees are worried about job loss.

However, economists do not agree about the implementation of automation and AI can create a huge unemployment issue.

AI coding restoring Programmers

 The importance of AI coding is huge in the area of programming, and there is a huge scope of automation development. There are two chains of thoughts that predict the relation of programmers getting replaced with automation. Experts feel that AI-driven programming might replace human programmers to some extent.

Generation Z is estimated to be a higher threat to getting replaced due to the advent of automation. However, some expert opinion also expresses the indispensable contribution of human programmers for managing AI-related automated software for carrying out coding.

Cutbacking Turnaround Time by AI

While 57% of employers explain the main motive behind automation as an improvement of productivity and ameliorating efficiencies, it is evident that AI algorithms can reduce the turnaround time to a huge extent, and the subsequent time allotted for corrections gets decreased.

AI coding can be carried out without breaks and the total completion time is reduced as compared to human programmers. The entire process for coding is shortened by skipping steps designated for programming language by the accurate and efficient artificial intelligence.

Automated-driven Deadlines

Deadlines can be successfully achieved without fail if AI coding is integrated for the operational and analytical tasks. As the techniques of automation intelligence are less prone to errors, automation algorithms efficiently carry out coding and programming.

The algorithms of AI are not affected by any external factors such as human programmers and the process can be carried out smoothly without interruption.

Artificial intelligence is expected to generate a business revenue worth $15.7 trillion by the end of this decade. It relates to the highly-effective and successful impact of automation and artificial intelligence.

Prevention Buffering by Human Programmers

The AI algorithms can be modified for improved efficiencies. The algorithms can be collaborated by various machine learning techniques, exposed to different coding techniques, employed for different applications, and synthesized successfully for streamline code development.

More than 70% of employees are unwilling to upgrade themselves for augmentation of job roles that make this transformation a bit easier. They are not ready to accept this modification and implement strategies to cope up with the new prospects of employment.

The impact of automation and artificial intelligence means a threat to human coders and programmers. Therefore, the generation must take preventive measures to cope up with this transformation.

This transformation is not intended to promote unemployment and losing prospective jobs in front of a robotic threat. But the sole intention is to facilitate efficiency and improve productivity by decreasing turnaround time to reach deadlines and milestones much faster.