Is Disney's Peter Pan and Wendy Trying to Lure in Joaquin Phoenix and Margot Robbie?


Joaquin Phoenix could be headed from Gotham City straight to Neverland as the Joker star has reportedly been offered the role of Captain Hook in Disney’s Neverland live-action remake Peter Pan and Wendy. According to a new rumor first reported by The Illuminerdi, Phoenix has been offered the part of the infamous hook-handed pirate, but as this is just an offer to gauge his interest, formal discussions have not yet taken place. Take this for what it’s worth, but the same sources are also reporting Birds of Prey star Margot Robbie has been offered the role of Tinker Bell, but as with Phoenix, official talks with the actress have yet to begin.

Some character breakdowns also shed some light on the Peter Pan and Wendy versions of Captain Hook and his loyal henchman Smee. Hook is described as an “unhinged, dramatic, and menacing swordsman, who is out to seek revenge on Peter Pan for cutting his hand off and feeding it to a crocodile.” Meanwhile, Smee is a “rotund fellow with a great grey beard” who “will do anything to please his captain.” Together, the two kidnap Wendy’s brothers, John and Michael, in their efforts to lure Peter Pan into their grasp. Of course, this goes in line with everything we know about the characters from previous iterations.

Joaquin Phoenix is currently up for a Best Actor Award at this year’s Oscars, based on his incredible portrayal of Arthur Fleck in the Todd Phillips drama Joker. His talent clear, Phoenix would also seem to be a great choice for Captain Hook based on his physical appearance as well, and it doesn’t take too much of a stretch of the imagination to imagine him in the pirate outfit. As for Margot Robbie, it would definitely be an amusing transition to see the actress switching from the violent Harley Quinn to the lovable fairy Tinker Bell, but it’s likewise not difficult to picture in the slightest, so as long as she is made into a miniature size.

Peter Pan and Wendy will be directed by David Lowery, who has experience in this department as the director of the live-action Pete’s Dragon remake. Lowery is also co-writing the screenplay alongside his Pete’s Dragon co-writer Toby Halbrooks. Casting information for the project remains unclear, but if these reports are any indication, producers are now hard at work trying to shape the cast of the movie. By seeking out big names like Phoenix and Robbie, it’s clear that Disney is trying to go big with their next version of the Peter Pan story.

Last month, it was reported Peter Pan and Wendy would begin shooting in Vancouver from April to August of this year. Reportedly, the plan is for the live-action movie to head straight to Disney+, though this could still always change if the House of Mouse deems it worthy of a theatrical run. As we approach the production’s start date, more updates should be forthcoming, and it will be interesting to see if either Phoenix or Robbie wind up appearing in the movie. This news was first reported by The Illuminerdi.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb