Is it still worth blogging?


There are more than 1.94 billion websites on the internet. There are more than one billion blogs on the internet. That's about one blog for every seven people in this world. There are more than four million blog posts that are published every day. Today, I will answer the question of is it still worth blogging?

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Now, the short answer to this question is no.

The long answer to the question is yes.

Now, don't just turn off this video and stop blogging if you have a blog.

In the traditional sense, blogging is not worth it, just create text-based content, produce a lot and expect it to work wonders for you.

This is what you should do if you still want to thrive in the world of blogs today and in the future.

Number one, don't just focus on text-based content.

Traditionally, blogs were just text-based content and that's what people would post.

And they would just say, here is my website, here is a blog post, and that's it. And that's great, but you know what? Now, text-based content is not everything.

We all use something called mobile phone. This mobile phone, people are using it to watch videos, listen to podcasts.

So, when you're blogging, don't just blog text-based content. Create video based content. Create audio-based content. Post it on your blog.

Also post it on other channels too.

And that is the second thing I wanted to enter.

Blogging is no longer just about putting content on your site. That content should be everywhere. You may wonder, Neil, but Google penalizes duplicate content.

No, that is a myth. Google does not penalize duplicate content.

They have declared it publicly, so you don't have to worry about it.

So take the text-based content of the blog you have, also publish it again on Facebook.

Post it back on LinkedIn. You want to put it where you can. Hell, I would even create a account and publish it again in Medium as well.

Record your videos, put it on YouTube, put it on LinkedIn, put it on Facebook, put it on Instagram TV.

Have you noticed wherever you are watching this video, go to any other social network, look for me, you will see the same video?


Because I publish the same content everywhere. Some people use YouTube, some people use Facebook.

People spread on all these social platforms. I want to capture them everywhere.

The third thing you need to know is to blog about how it used to be, in which you simply create text-based content, classify, direct that traffic to a product or service, collect potential customers, do it well.

Blogging no longer works that way.

Blogging is very expensive.

And this is what I mean. Let's say you get these rankings. Then Google appears, they launch a Google update. Have you noticed that the people who are the most hit with these updates and do not rank so high are the sites that do not update their content?

You have to continually collect emails and send subscribers.

Therefore, you can use tools such as or Hello Bar or Mailchimp.

Use whatever you want. If you continually get these people back to your site, have them subscribe.

That will give you the opportunity to sell to those people over time. If you do not sell them over time, you will not do so well.

If you expect people to only watch a YouTube video or a Facebook video and buy it immediately, it will not happen.

That is why it is very important to build that audience through email, press when they enter your site and make them come back continuously, so you can convert them over time.

If you make those changes and adapt, blogs are still worth it. If you don't do it and just want to concentrate on writing a text-based content, never update it, write me content too, and the same things that everyone else will write about, you won't do well.

But when you change to that new perspective, it is when you will notice that you will still get a ROI from blogs.

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