Isaiah Thomas & # 39; gunshot was not cured by the wizard's injuries

<pre><pre>Isaiah Thomas & # 39; gunshot was not cured by the wizard's injuries

Picking a shot for a respected goal scorer like Thomas wasn't the problem. But Thomas ended the game 2 to 16, defeating his percentage of the season goals. The game was the worst example of the gunfights that had plagued him for several weeks.

So Thomas went through his shots from his corner booth in the locker room. And missed. He was in a good mood to make a joke at his own expense – the Wizards' 111-101 win helped brighten the atmosphere. Still, there was an unmistakable hint of frustration from the smile.

"I want to be great. Ultimately, I'm human. I'm fucking crazy, I don't take pictures, but I won't take a thousand pictures just because I don't – that wouldn't be wise. When I go home I always watch the feature film. I always watch my minutes, ”said Thomas. "With every shot, I've played the last six or seven games I'm working on and they're there. They just don't drop."

Coach Scott Brooks agreed that Thomas took good pictures.

Thomas only shoots 27 percent in the last eight games. Although his offensive performance on this course (9.6 points, 2.4 assists) has declined compared to his season average, Thomas has remained on the starting grid. Brooks said he stayed with Thomas because the bank unit led by Point Guard Ish Smith played well.

"At the moment I think [Thomas] fought with his shot. Ish has a nice role with these guys. It's the craziest thing: starting from our bank doesn't seem to be playing with the same production, ”said Brooks on Saturday. "You have a good synergy, a good connection with each other, and I don't want to break it up."

"It's been a struggle for me lately, and I think the suspension did that," said Thomas with a grin.

But Thomas' problems can actually be health-related – especially the health of Bradley Beal, his teammate in the backseat, and the rest of the top five who opened the season.

30-year-old Thomas was the most effective in combination with Beal. The lists of Beal, Thomas, Davis Bertans, Thomas Bryant and Rui Hachimura averaged 140.6 points per 100 possessions, which is the 99th percentile of the most frequently used NBA statements according to the statistical website Cleaning The Glass.

However, Beal has missed seven of the last eight games with pain under his right knee. Bryant and Hachimura also had to pause during this time, and Bertans returned to the lineup on Friday night after missing nine games in a row.

"I played better with Brad on the floor," said Brooks. "This is in line with I.T.’s gunfights, but hopefully he’ll jump back [Sunday against Utah], We need two good point guards to beat this team. "

On Saturday, Beal practiced with the team and said he felt "better," but he will be a playful decision if Washington does jazz. Even if Beal is playing, Thomas won't be dependent on his teammate to heal his offense. Thomas remains confident.

"I just missed recordings and will never mentally upset myself." I know what I'm doing, I know what I'm working on, and I know what shots I get during the game, so I just have to do my part to knock them down, ”said Thomas. "I mean, it just happens. I am a basketball player. This is not the first time in my career. The pictures I get, the pictures I work on every day just don't fall for any reason. The greatest thing about me: I will always remain confident. I will always take the right pictures and I will always trust my work. At some point it will break through. "×0/smart/