"It just stinks": Houston Astros' comments on their fraud scandal

<pre><pre>"It just stinks": Houston Astros' comments on their fraud scandal

From the moment Major League Baseball confirmed that the Houston Astros team cheated on their way to winning the World Series in 2017, fans have been wondering what members of that team would say about their actions. Were you repentant or defiant? Would you say ignorance or say it wasn't that big of a deal?

In the month since Commissioner Rob Manfred released his report on the sign theft system, members of this team have started to share their thoughts. Some have refused to participate in or know about the team's illegal sign theft, others have avoided discussing it, and some have expressed remorse.

The scheme in which Astros players used a video feed to decode pitching signs from enemy catchers, and then shared them with their teammates using methods such as hitting a trash can, resulted in suspensions and subsequent layoffs of Jeff Luhnow, the general Astros manager and AJ Hinch, the manager.

Two other managers have lost their jobs in the program: Alex Cora, the Boston Red Sox manager, who was an Astros bank coach in 2017; and Carlos Beltran, the Mets manager, who was referred to as the batsman for the Astros. Beltran was identified in the Commissioner's report as the main initiator of the program.

However, the players on this team from 2017 were Punishment immunity granted. in exchange for cooperation with the investigation. Without formal punishment, it's up to you to decide how to address your roles in public.

Houston pitchers and catchers signed up for spring training on Wednesday, and the remaining members of the 2017 team are expected to address their role in the fraud program soon. Here is a look at the public comments that have been made so far by players, coaches and officials of the Astros 2017


Jeff Luhnow, former managing director


Alex Cora, former bank coach


Jose Altuve, second baseman