Jacob deGrom doesn't run away from Cy Young

<pre><pre>Jacob deGrom doesn't run away from Cy Young

The Mets' quiet ace can't hide his hard desire to add something to his trophy case.

Jacob deGrom, the winner of two National League Cy Young Awards, appeared on Citi Field on Saturday to attend the Mets & # 39; FanFest. Although he had done his duty to answer reporters' questions about the Mets manager shuffle that recently landed on Luis Rojas and the Astros shield scandal that caused such turmoil, deGrom was most excited when he was asked if he would add a third street Cy Young fed him.

"Yes, definitely," he said. “I said after winning the first one, it was always a goal. But actually becoming true is a little crazy to think about. And then I find it difficult to wrap my head around me to win another, back to back.

"Growing up was the dream of playing Major League Baseball and then winning two Cy Youngs, who would have thought it? The dream was to play the midfield and not be a pitcher. It's really an honor, the list of guys, which I now call winning. You’ve always set your personal goals for one season, so I think the third is a goal. "

DeGrom was the 11th person to win Cy Young's in a row. Roger Clemens did it twice, 1986-87 and 1997-98. Only two of this group claimed the honor three times in a row and both made four peatmen: Greg Maddux from 1992-95, the first with the Cubs and the next three with the Braves and Diamondbacks Randy Johnson from 1999-2002 ,