Jamal Adams expects Jets to deliver when the expansion talks begin


MIAMI – The jets and All-Pro Safety Jamal Adams representatives have started discussions about an extension of the contract.

That's what Adams said here on Wednesday at Super Bowl 2020.

"You talked about it, no numbers yet," Adams told two New York reporters. "I would be lying if I said that I don't expect to be extended. I don't do it because of what I just did in the field, but because of what I did for the organization. I have did everything they asked me to do. I did it every year at a high level. I have proven that I am the best security right now. "

Adams was selected All-Pro for the first time this season and for his second Pro Bowl. The 24-year-old is entitled to a contract extension after the end of his third season. It is understandable why he would look for a raise. He is expected to earn $ 3.5 million in 2020, well below what the highest collateral in the league brings.

"I'm not trying to get paid just to be the highest paid," said Adams. "I'm trying to get paid for my status and what I've done. That's what it's all about."

The bears entered the collateral market earlier this month when they signed Eddie Jackson with a four-year, $ 58.4 million contract and a $ 33 million guarantee. The average of $ 14.6 a year is a new high for security. The highest overall security contract is the contract between Landon Collins and the Redskins ($ 84 million over six years).

"I'm happy for him," Adams said of the Jackson deal. "I told him after the Pro Bowl that he deserved it. As I said, I'm not competing to be the highest paid security. I compete within myself for what I am worth, my status. That's what I'm about. "

Adams is in the Super Bowl and is promoting New Era NFL 100 hats, the bills of which are soccer balls.

Jamal Adams Jets contract extension
Joseph E. Amaturo

The Jets had talks about trading with Adams in October as of the reporting date, but were not making a deal. Adams was upset when the team considered acting on him. Adams 'game jumped after the deadline when he became a driving force in Gregg Williams' defense. He had two sacks against the Giants in November and stripped quarterback Daniel Jones' ball to return for a touchdown. The following week he had three sacks against the Redskins. He had a total of 6½ sacks.

The jets have not had a successful season since Adams # 6 was designed in 2017. They finished 7-9 this year after winning 6-2 in the second half of the season.

"Of course we didn't win for me," said Adams. "We didn't give ourselves a chance in the playoffs and that's the ultimate goal. It wasn't successful for me. I won't even sit here and tell you that it was. Yes, we played better towards the end and are strong but that's not the point. It's the point of winning ball games. "

Last year, Adams recruited freelance agents to join the jets, including Le’Veon Bell. This year he leaves it to General Manager Joe Douglas to improve the team.

"You have to realize that you can only recruit so much," said Adams. "At the end of the day, I don't have too much to say. It's not really my job. But of course I want to involve players. We need to include some big names so we can get over the hump, but the main thing is to stay healthy."

Adams said he was confident that Douglas could fix the squad and then he had to avoid the injuries that were expected last season.

"The main thing is to stay healthy, juggle and understand that we need to involve some players to close the gaps that we have," said Adams. "We have to put the team together. I think Joe Douglas will do a damn good job with it. I have a lot of respect for him and we'll see where we go."

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