Japan's first airport bathroom for dogs features self-cleaning 'pee pole'


(CNN) — Osaka’s airport has just improved its facilities — but not for its human travelers.

A world-class dog rest area, which includes shower facilities and a “pee pole” that cleans itself, will open at Osaka International Airport (ITAMI) on February 13.

Located by the airport’s pick-up and drop-off area, the idea is that dogs will be able to relieve themselves before entering the airport, thus taking some pressure off of both them and their human companions.

Other Japanese airports like Tokyo’s Narita have indoor areas for service dogs, but ITAMI has taken the concept one step further for both service animals and pets alike.

“We envisioned these dog-toilets would be used before service dogs get on the flight with their owners,” Kei Ogata, a spokeswoman from Kansai airport, tells CNN Travel.

Osaka airport dog bathroom

Dogs can be leashed or unleashed in the toilet area.

Courtesy Kansai Airports

The doggo bathroom will be open every day from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

In addition to the toilets, there is space for the dogs to walk around, benches where two-legged friends can sit and fresh drinking water (only for the dogs).

Though it is outside, there is a roof over the area making it appropriate for all kinds of weather.

LAX is going to the dogs in the most delightful of ways!

There is also a second pup facility inside, which is intended for service dogs and comes equipped with a handy intercom system.

If you want to bring your emotional support rooster, though, you may have to come up with a Plan B — currently, the bathroom is only intended for dogs.