Jason Garrett and Cowboys don't know how to say goodbye



Jason Garrett is expected to be released. Finally. Probably. At some point there will be a solution. At the moment, however, there is nothing official, although it is reported that after more than nine seasons, he will no longer be the head coach of the Cowboys.

Strangely, as Yahoo Sports reported, Garrett conducted exit interviews with players as if he were still the team's head coach or at least part of the organization. The interviews were similar to those in previous years. Garrett thanked the players for their help and talked about the future plan, although some players chose not to meet with him due to the strange dynamics.

"The interview was confused [the player]"Said a source."[He] I thought it was going to be a reunion and maybe he heard a "This is a business" speech and it turned out to be more of a "good job" and a "see you later" feeling. It's normal when you consider everything that you're funny [he] I expected. "

Another source familiar with the initial interviews has been added: “Jason is so short-sighted. I think he just does his job as if everything was normal because his contract has not yet expired. He is still under contract and is still doing his job as he normally would. "

It's all part of this strange saga in which Garrett owner Jerry Jones and his son, general manager Stephen Jones, have met twice since the end of the season without finding a solution to his status. Garrett showed up for a third meeting on Thursday, but that never happened.

His contract expires on January 14, and the cowboys have yet to meet or speak to a potential successor. ESPNs Ed Werder reported That the Joneses wouldn't be as wise if they thought they'd risk losing any head coaching candidate they were interested in.