<pre><pre>Jason Garrett reveals why he worked as an offensive coordinator for the Giants

Jason Garrett didn't know Joe Judge very well before becoming the new Giants offensive coordinator, but the former Cowboys head coach quickly believed that the two would work well together after a job interview.

"It just felt right to me," Garrett said in the Giants' internal podcast. “Felt very comfortable to be around him. I think we have shared values ​​as people and shared values ​​as football coaches and what we want to build with the giants. I'm just happy to be part of it. "

Garrett, 53, joins the Giants after being fired from Dallas, where he was head coach for nine and a half seasons. Garrett was a backup quarterback for the Giants from 2000 to 2003.

As he and Judge form a new relationship, they have a direct connection from the time of the individual men who work for Nick Saban, Judge in Alabama and Garrett for the Dolphins.

"Trainer [Saban] I've always said great things about Joe and so many other people that I say the same thing, ”Garrett said.

Garrett is tasked with getting the best out of Daniel Jones, who, according to Garrett, has classified the cowboys as high-ranking for last year's NFL draft.

"We thought many of him were leaving college," said Garrett. “I really liked the way he played against him and we saw him in the movie this year. He was tough, competitive and played the game properly. Not easy as a rookie quarterback in the NFL, but definitely excited to be working with Daniel. "

You can find more information about the Giants in the latest episode of the podcast "Blue Rush":