Jason Garrett's shot unmasked the real cowboy malfunction: Troy Aikman

<pre><pre>Jason Garrett's shot unmasked the real cowboy malfunction: Troy Aikman

It was a painful week for everyone involved with the cowboys.

Trying to make Jason Garrett's shooting as respectful as possible, the team and coach became laughers during an embarrassing one-week charade that ended on Sunday.

The Cowboys Hall by Troy Aikman, a close friend of Garrett, was definitely noticeable and "was disappointed on many levels by the way it developed after the end of the season."

"He put everything into the organization and did everything to do the best possible job." Aikman told Mike Doocy of Fox 4 in Dallas. “He made it a priority and committed himself. Separations are always difficult. We all understand, at whatever level, that they are occurring, but I don't know that after everything he gave and promised to this organization, he got the same back. "

Garrett was in limbo for a few days after Dallas' season ended a disappointing 8-8. Then, on Thursday evening, ESPN.com reported that the cowboys were planning to withdraw from Garrett, but there was no official message from owner Jerry Jones that Garrett had been fired. It was announced on Saturday that the cowboys were interviewing seasoned coaches Mike McCarthy and Marvin Lewis to replace Garrett.

The most embarrassing report appeared on Sunday when Fox Sports said the cowboys had told Garrett that he wasn't coming back, but the more than nine-year-old coach had refused to accept his fate. He was officially released later that day.

"When the organization was not ready for whatever reason and I do not know the background stories, but when the organization was not ready to come out publicly and say: 'We are looking for a new trainer', and yet at the same time reports that they are interviewing potential new candidates for the position of head coach. This is disappointing, ”said Aikman, the leading analyst for Fox Sports.

"I think in many ways that it sheds light on some of the malfunctions, if you like, within the organization and how they got to the point where they are right now."

Aikman preached, as he did at the end of regular season, that the changes in the organization had to go beyond the head coach. Aikman has suggested that Jones take a step back to speak about the team as often as he does.

"Am I confident that this will happen? Unfortunately not, ”said Aikman. "If you are really committed to victory and you can win the best coaches for yourself, then take a step to win him, whoever he is … At the moment I'm just disappointed with a really good friend. "