Jenny Mollen, 12-year wife of Jason Biggs, shares bedroom tips at NYFW 2020

Jenny Mollen, 12-year wife of Jason Biggs, shares bedroom tips at NYFW 2020

Whether for sex or an evening, Jenny Mollen needs a stylist.

"I really don't know how to dress," the New York Times actress and best-selling author told The Post at the presentation of Alice + Olivia during New York Fashion Week. "I don't have the eye. I leave it to the professionals."

Her husband, "American Pie" and "Orange Is the New Black" star Jason Biggs, is one of her self-styled experts, along with her friend Stacey Bendet, creative director of Alice + Olivia.

Mollen says that her husband is a lingerie specialist with strong opinions. "He will personalize my complete sexual appearance," says the writer, who is working on a new novel. "It's like,‘ Can you change the top? How about that with this? "

She appreciates her opinion, but sometimes she thinks that, let's say, her combo of moon boots and transparent bra should do the trick.

"I always like it,‘ I don't tell you what to wear! I'm not playing! Isn't this enough? "

In April, Mollen and Biggs will marry 12 years. While he once hired a prostitute for a threesome in honor of his birthday, a disastrous but hilarious experiment, he has more practical advice for couples trying to keep the spark alive.

"I would say stay away from your children," says the mother of two children. "For me, for whatever reason, having sex when I know that my children are close, or at home, I don't like it. I can't get them out of my mind.

"At home, I'm so in mom mode that it's really hard to think of something sexual when I have" Thomas the Train "in a loop in my head," he explained. "I need to be in a hotel somewhere and feel like I'm 22 years old again, and then I'm ready to leave."

When she banishes her children, she also strives to forget her songs. "I learned that singing the theme song to‘ Octonauts ’while someone is criticizing you is not necessarily a real excitement."