Jeremy Roenick at NBC after three comments: "What a joke!"

<pre><pre>Jeremy Roenick at NBC after three comments: "What a joke!"

Hockey analyst Jeremy Roenick is on the road at NBC.

Roenick, who was suspended indefinitely without payment over a month ago for posting inappropriate comments on his employees on the Barstool Sports & # 39; Spittin & # 39; Chiclets had made the announcement itself in a video posted on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.

"I am very disappointed and angry today. I will not be returning to NBC," said Roenick in the video he said, "What a joke!"

When Roenick appeared on the popular hockey podcast that went live on December 19, he told of a trip he had made to Portugal last summer with his wife and colleague Kathryn Tappen. However, the story took a tasteless turn.

"I was the king of Portugal," said Roenick. "If you go anywhere and have two blonde bombs on each side … your chest pops out a lot more."

Then he remembered when a woman came up to him and asked if his wife and Tappen were both with him, to which Roenick replied, "Yes, they are."

"And then Kathryn says:" Are you going to shut up? "She's starting to yell at me," he continued. "I play it like we go to bed together every night, the three of us. If it really came to fruition, it would be really good, but it will never happen."

Later in the podcast, Roenick turned to Patrick Sharp, another hockey analyst at NBC. The conversation went on to whether Roenick, who was on Sharp's Flyers teammate during his time, would sleep with Sharp or not.

"He is so beautiful. I should have to think about it if he asks me," said Roenick.

"Oh god, yes," said a host.

"I wouldn't say no immediately," Roenick replied.

Roenick said positive things about Sharp and Tappen during his time on the show, praised their professionalism and explained how much he enjoyed working with them. But NBC immediately announced its suspension five days later.

Tappen published a statement by an NBC spokesman shortly after Roenick's suspension.

"While Jeremy and I are still good friends, what he said was unacceptable," she said. “Especially among work colleagues. I cannot approve of his comments. "

Roenick joined NBC Sports in 2010 as a studio analyst and appeared on NBC Sports Group's NHL coverage of NHL Live and NHL Overtime, NBCSN's pre-game and post-game shows. At the last three Winter Olympics, he also worked as an analyst for the Olympic hockey studio for men and women.