<pre><pre>Jeremy Roenick doubles on NBC's anger over three fires

Jeremy Roenick doesn't think he did anything wrong. He simply believes to be a "sacrificial lamb".

The former hockey star, who was suspended and then released as an analyst at NBC Sports after speaking on a podcast about the possibility of a threesome with his colleague Kathryn Tappen, blames the waking culture for his resignation.

"I need to be a little more aware of the culture we are in now, what you can say, whether it is public or whether it is on a podcast that you love to tell stories," Roenick told TMZ Sports , "Whether you are your very good friends, like Kathryn is one of my best friends, I am talking about my wife, I am talking about trips that we have made. I have made myself too comfortable to talk about something that we all do I liked talking a lot. And that caught me. In today's culture, you sometimes have to be more aware of your surroundings and people’s feelings, and yes, I’ve gone too far in certain situations. ”

The timing of his release and past scandals at NBC – especially Matt Lauer's fall due to sexual assault – reinforces Roenick's belief.

"It is important to know that at the time nobody thought it was bad what I said," said Roenick, referring to his appearance on the "Spittin’ Chiclets "podcast. "Nobody insulted it. Nobody said anything on social media. Five days passed. Nothing on "Spittin" chiclets, nothing on my social media, nothing anywhere, nothing.

"Nobody complained until my boss, Sam Flood from NBC, decided that [what I said] wasn’t right, and we all know that NBC made a lot of mistakes covering things up and letting people slip, and all that stuff. I think this was your opportunity to make a statement and have a sacrificial lamb. "

Roenick, who announced his dismissal on Twitter on Wednesday, claims he can get another job now.

"I already had five or six opportunities to work somewhere. It was within two hours of being released," said Roenick. "I think I have my own show where I can be myself, where I do sports and hockey bring along and I'm not as silent as empathetic as possible. This is definitely in the works. There are some really cool platforms that I’m looking at, or maybe I’ll start my own.

"I didn't want to be silenced, I didn't want to be controlled, and unfortunately NBC tried to do too much, especially my boss Sam Flood, tried to control me too much. And unfortunately I couldn't be the real me his. "