Jessica Mendoza, Mets' advisor, retires after tearing Mike Fiers

<pre><pre>Jessica Mendoza, Mets' advisor, retires after tearing Mike Fiers

Jessica Mendoza snorted. So she swings again.

Just a few hours after the ESPN broadcaster and Mets Special Assistant charged the former Astros launcher Mike Fiers for uncovering his former team's secret theft system, Mendoza returned to her original stance after fierce criticism.

"I thought it was important to clarify my previous comments about the situation of theft of signs in MLB. Most importantly, I am firmly convinced that the baseball game will be of great benefit as this sign that steals matter has been exposed, ”said Mendoza said in a statement, "Cheating the game is something that needs to be addressed and I am happy to see the league take action accordingly. The point that I should have addressed much more clearly was: I think it is very important that this message was published; I just don't agree with the way that was done. "

Mendoza now attributes a "step forward" to Fiers, but claims the pitcher made a mistake to discuss the problem with a reporter instead of alerting MLB officials.

"Sensible minds can disagree," said Mendoza. "Ultimately, the most important thing is that his observations have been published and the game is getting better for it."

And the Mets will get along without Carlos Beltran, who has agreed to step down as manager for his part of the scandal while playing for the Astros in 2017.

"With regard to the Mets, I would like to make it particularly clear that my advisory role in the team does not influence my opinion on this matter in any way," said Mendoza. "I feel that way, regardless of what it is, what team, player or manager it is."