Jets throw Darron Lee on a crazy Super Bowl 2020 trip with Chiefs


MIAMI – A year ago, Darron Lee was a member of the Jets, who had just ended a four-game ban in three years after his third losing season in the NFL.

A year later, he is a member of the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

"Surreal," said Lee on Monday night, standing on the field in Marlins Park as part of Super Bowl 2020's "Opening Night". "Life is a crazy trip. It's a hell of a trip, honest. The best thing is, I'm glad I'm here to see that and hopefully bring this thing home and much more in my career win. "

The jets were designed by Lee in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He didn't win much. The center-back went 14-34 in his three seasons with the jets. He fell out of favor with inconsistent play and his suspension for violating the League's drug policy last season. The Jets gave everyone a hint that they were ready to continue from Lee when they signed C. J. Mosley in March for a guaranteed $ 51 million. Still, Lee hoped he would stay with the jets.

Lee was sent to the Chiefs on May 15, just a few hours after Mike Maccagnan was released as General Manager. Adam Gase sent Lee to Kansas City to make a decision for round six, his first move as an interim GM.

Darron Lee
Darron LeeBill Kostroun

A funny side note to the Lee business was how he had advertised new uniforms for the Jets for several years. The team finally got new uniforms in April and was gone in May.

"I was never allowed to wear it. Talk about irony, ”Lee said. "I loved them. I'm glad the fans love them. I'm glad they can enjoy them."

Lee said he did not expect to be traded, but was not upset.

"It's a business. You can't be too emotionally connected," Lee said. “They made a business decision about what they thought would be better for their team. I can't be angry about that. I gave everything I had to this organization. I am very grateful to the organization. You drew me and made a little boy's dream come true. I'll be thankful for that forever. I don't feel raw feelings about it. I miss her. I hope you are well, the boys and everything. But it's about business. "

Lee started two games this season and played all 16 regular season games, mostly in specialist teams. He has been inactive in every playoff game and will likely be back on Sunday. Even so, he'll line up for a Super Bowl ring if the chiefs win.

Lee said he believed the chiefs could win anything when he arrived in Kansas City.

"I had this feeling in my stomach. Now we're here, "said Lee." We only have to play hard-boiled football for 60 minutes on Sunday and we'll go home with it. "

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