J&K Cop, who was arrested with Hezbollah terrorists, kept them in his house: sources

J&K Cop, who was arrested with Hezbollah terrorists, kept them in his house: sources

J&K Cop, who was arrested with Hezbollah terrorists, kept them in his house: sources

Sources say Davinder Singh accompanied Shopian terrorists in South Kashmir (file)

New Delhi:

Jammu and Kashmir police officer Davinder Singh has sheltered terrorists at his home in Srinagar, sources said on Monday that the deputy chief was arrested with three Hezbul Mujahideen terrorists on Saturday. The details emerged shortly after the arrests after raids on Davinder Singh. According to sources, an AK rifle and two pistols were found.

Davinder Singh, an excellent officer, allegedly transported hardcore Kashmiri terrorists when he was caught on the Jammu-Srinagar highway. Investigations have shown that the three terrorists captured by the police officer remained in his closely guarded home in Srinagar's Badami Bagh district.

According to sources, Davinder Singh brought the Shopian terrorists to his house in South Kashmir on Friday and left them overnight. Hezboll Mujahideen's supreme commander, Naveed Babu, also a police deserter, and his two accomplices, Irfan and Rafi, spent the night in the apartment next to the 15th Corps headquarters of the Army.

Sources say they made their way to Jammu on Saturday morning, from where they wanted to go to Delhi.

Sources told NDTV that the police officer, who had just received the presidential police medal for gallantry just six months ago, had transported Naveed several times to different locations. He had brought him to Jammu last year.

According to sources, Singh is treated like a terrorist and interrogated by a joint team of security and intelligence agencies. The questions they'd like to answer include whether Singh's visit to Delhi is linked to Republic Day, just two weeks away.

Police sources say they have been following Singh's movement and that of Naveed since Friday morning.

When he reportedly brought three terrorists home on Friday evening, plainclothes police officers were already watching him in secret.

The day before, the official stationed at Srinagar International Airport received 15 foreign diplomats, including the US ambassador, on a two-day visit to Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday. Nobody would have thought back then, sources say, that he would be arrested along with terrorists.

Sources say that Singh and the three terrorists left his home around 10 a.m. on Saturday. When they were about 60 km from Srinagar, the police intercepted the car.

Police sources say Naveed's arrest is a huge catch. there was a reward of Rs 20 lakh on his head. Irfan had visited Pakistan five times in the past few years, and the security authorities were unaware of its activities.

Singh had been in trouble in the past for sending the assassin Afzal Guru to Delhi and arranging logistics for terrorists who had attacked Parliament.

Prior to his execution in 2013, Afzal Guru said in a letter that the policeman had asked him to accompany and arrange a stay in a parliamentary attack in Delhi. However, the police say they have no records that link him to Parliament's attack.