JNU attack: Legal notice to WhatsApp, Google, Facebook and Apple for the purpose of data storage

<pre><pre>JNU attack: Legal notice to WhatsApp, Google, Facebook and Apple for the purpose of data storage

JNU attack: CCTV material was not available at the university due to the damaged server

New Delhi:

The Delhi Supreme Court petitioned WhatsApp, Google, Facebook, and Apple Inc. to hold data, including CCTV footage, WhatsApp news, pertinent data, and information related to the violence on January 5 at Jawaharlal Nehru University ( JNU) in Delhi. , The court also asked the Delhi police and state government for answers.

The police in Delhi informed the court that they had searched for footage from 135 surveillance cameras installed on the 1,000-acre campus.

Three JNU professors – Ameet Parameswaran, Shukla Sawant and Atul Sood – asked the Delhi police chief and the Delhi government for instructions.

The case will be heard again tomorrow.

The professors want to retrieve relevant data from the WhatsApp groups "Unity against Left" and "Friends of RSS". The data includes news, images, videos and phone numbers of members related to violence at JNU last Sunday.

Rahul Mehra, permanent government lawyer in Delhi, told the court today that the police had not yet received a response from the university administration.

On the evening of January 5th, a lot of masked men stormed the campus and targeted students in three dorms. No arrests have been made in the case where at least 34 people were injured in a terrible attack lasting more than 3 hours. The FIR in the case is against undisclosed persons.

However, on the day of the attack, two cases against Aishe Ghosh, the head of the JNU Student Association, were filed by the JNU administration while she was being treated for her injuries at AIIMS. Ms. Ghosh said she was surrounded by 20 to 30 people, was hit with an iron rod several times, and was even "physically abused" while sexual explosives were shouting at her.

CCTV footage was unavailable at the university due to the damaged server, ANI reported.

The violence at the university, whose students actively supported the demonstrators against the amended citizenship law, caused a sensation nationwide and celebrities from political parties condemned the attack.

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