Joe Buck leaves a little note to relieve pressure in the Super Bowl


MIAMI – Even after Joe Buck called five Super Bowls and 22 World Series, he remembers how he should approach radio in front of around 100 million people.

Almost like a small post-it note in the middle of his game plan that contains all the names, numbers, and treats for the players on each team, Buck contains two capitalized words, separated by two exclamation marks.


The 50-year-old Buck grew up on the booth with his legendary father Jack, who has played in most Super Bowls on television and on the radio as every player in history. Jack called the last Chiefs Super Bowl half a century ago.

Joe has been a professional for over three decades when he started at 19. Despite all this experience, the Super Bowl remains different, so Buck just likes to write down a little hint of how he wants to sound.

"The enormity of the moment and the size of the audience can be overwhelming if you allow it to," Buck told The Post. “If you live on this scale for so long, it can lead to more pressure.

"It's a visual reminder of something I wrote on my board when everything was calm and quiet."

Despite the pressure, there is no place Buck would prefer.

Joe Buck
Joe Buck and his Super Bowl notesUPI, Joe Buck

"I have the best job in the world and I'm smart enough to do it," said Buck. "Despite all the stress, there is no place I would prefer to be."

Radio call: The Westwood One radio show is supported by Kevin Harlan and Kurt Warner from Gene Steratore of CBS.

"Negotiating and analyzing rules is becoming increasingly popular in the game, and when you watch a show of this size, it's a huge game to watch and undo. We should try to add someone," said Howard Deneroff, Executive Producer from Westwood One.

Steratore was on TV with Jim Nantz and Tony Romo for CBS last year. CBS granted the permission and Steratore wanted to do it.

"I think we all hope that the game will not lead to an official decision in the end," said Deneroff.

In passing, Tony Boselli and Laura Okmin will report.

Ms. Olympia: While Jessica Mendoza's spot in Sunday Night Baseball is seriously questioned, sources say she is a candidate to play both softball and baseball for NBC at the Tokyo Olympics this summer. This would be in addition to their ESPN role.

NFL Buzz: The Romo CBS / ESPN competition was the biggest sports media topic during Super Bowl week. Many asked: where do you think it will end up?

There is a subtext story in which Drew Brees and Greg Olsen retire. Next to Peyton Manning, Brees would be the most obvious candidate. The question is, as always, will he want to do it?

Since Romo is expected to receive more than $ 10 million, a guy like Brees can demand that he, as a newbie, be compensated at a high level. Romo has only earned around $ 3 million this year from its rookie broadcast deal.

Brees will be part of Fox Sports' mobile coverage – along with Joe Montana, Brett Favre and Joel Klatt on the network's social channels.

Olsen has an urge to be a broadcaster and prepares for it when he hangs up. He's on Sunday's Fox Super Bowl Pregame Show and will play five XFL games with Kevin Burkhardt shortly thereafter. Fox prefers two-man stands, so it's easy to see Burkhardt and Olsen on his second team next year. Burkhardt's current partner, Charles Davis, needs a new contract.

With the second team from CBS, Dan Fouts is also out of contract, which may create another location for a new analyst to grow with Ian Eagle.

You can find more information about the jets in the latest episode of the podcast "Gang’s All Here":