Joel Embiid has Ben Simmons dig in trouble at 76



Just shoot the ball.

That was Joel Embiid's message to Ben Simmons when you read between the lines. The 76 star just said it in a politically correct way without publicly annoying him. Simmons, the versatile attacker who refuses to shoot from a distance, has been a story since he was named number 1 overall in the 2016 draft.

"We just have to look at ourselves and see what we can do individually. We have to help each other, even if that means we're outside your comfort zone." [good] Embiid reported to reporters Thursday after a losing streak in three games in which the Pacers suffered a defeat against New Year's Eve.

"That means if you have to go into space and shoot it, you have to do it. We need everyone who gets involved, and we'll be fine, we'll be fine. We'll still find our groove, we weren't very healthy, the entire starting line-up. As I said, we'll be fine. "

With all of Simmons' talent, his inability – and refusal – to shoot has held him back. SImmons has made five 3-point attempts this season, including the first two brands in his NBA career. His lack of shots, however, led to space problems that threatened the chances of winning the 76 between 23 and 13.

Embiid has already raised the issue, saying that in December, double teams often leave Simmons & # 39; Mann. In November he said bluntly: "In order to win, we have to force him to shoot."

Embiid has now reminded Simmons that it is time to make adjustments.