John Wick Parabellum Movie Review: Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry and two dogs kill them all

A John Wick 3 still image

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Directed by Chad Stahelski

Actors: Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Asia Kate Dillon, Anjelica Houston and Mark Dacascos

That is now almost (awesome) awesome John Wick The franchise was launched in 2014 when an aptly attributable person of otherwise mythological strength, perseverance and determination, Jonathan, played by a stoic Keanu Reeves, stamps on the dog and his beloved car is stolen immediately after his wife Helen in a hospital. 5 murderous years later, and tons of human bodies count later, the eponymous, grieving antihero returns Parabellum, an extremely stylish action film that is not based on the merit of its story, but on how cool it causes mass murder in the cinema.

Director Chad Stahelski Parabellum There are a lot of elegant elimination sequences in which every brutal move is cleverly designed and choreographed with the greatest possible care. But while the quality of the violence Wick has committed in an endless stream of killers has been comparable to an artistic achievement in the two previous films, here he is unfortunately reduced to a careless attack vehicle for which everyone would do something to survive in a secret network of only "first named" assassins (Chapter 3 also deals with the etymology of the word assassin.

Ironically, no one except Wick himself sincerely believed that he was done with violence.

A John Wick 3 still image

(Image courtesy: John Wick's Twitter Handle: Chapter 3 Parabellum)

Parabellum reaches for the events of Chapter 2 where John is on the run after killing Italian mafia boss Santino D & # 39; Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio) for continental reasons – apparently the only place in New York where murder is strictly prohibited or at least disapproved. Almost every clock ticking in the city, from Times Square to the public libraries, tells us the story of a narrow-minded hero who uses the seductive revenge-thriller genre when Wick somehow tries to get an international contract for 14 USD to survive. 15 million, which basically means that he fends off every humble soul inside and outside the city, all strangely disguised as henchmen.

A still image of John Wick 3 with Anjelica Houston and Keanu Reeves

(Image courtesy: John Wick's Twitter Handle: Chapter 3 Parabellum)

Reeves & # 39; John is more an emotion than a character. The way monosyllabic Reeves stares, nods, watches and, among other things, twitches sets the tone for the beautiful but uncomfortable idea of ​​looking for anonymity in an increasingly networked world. That John had concentrated his pent-up anger and aggression at asserting his autonomy in a system of conflicting morals was his temptation for a layperson, but in ParabellumWe see him helplessly drawn into the system and a painful end in sight. Maybe Parabellum is the first in the series where it's just as exciting to see Wick hurt as to see him killed. And such desensitization is not great.

Actors such as Halle Berry, Asia Kate Dillon, Anjelica Houston and Mark Dacascos complement the cast of John Wick or rather a bunch of bodies. Dacascos emerges as a pointed, ironically humorous ninja and his role in Parabellum should lighten the tense mood. Although not Wick’s. He is as tense as they come.

A still image of John Wick 3 with Mark Dacascos

(Image courtesy: John Wick's Twitter Handle: Chapter 3 Parabellum)

All in all, ParabellumThe action level is ecstatically high at all times, while the series' dog jokes wear one down and John Wick's myth for another film intended for the reader becomes almost too difficult or too boring in the end – a committed one matrix Reunion. It is the familiar that fascinates us, however John WickThe effort to convey a complex emotion through action is just beginning to develop the feeling that a script writing or a creative change is required, as in the Climactic action sequence Parabellum where bright fluorescent lights add the edge. A great sequence.

Rating: 3/5

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