Jürgen Klopp says Liverpool's record run is nothing special – but it is true

<pre><pre>Jürgen Klopp says Liverpool's record run is nothing special - but it is true

Liverpool have not closed the door against Spurs – Klopp

According to Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool's record run at the beginning of the season is not particularly good. But it is.

The German spoke after his team defeated Tottenham 1-0 on Saturday – a game that did not show their most convincing performance, but brought it from 61 games to 61 points.

This is a record that no other team in the history of the English top class can show. Neither Manchester United nor Preston & # 39; s or Arsenal's unbeaten "Invincibles" in the 2018/19 season, in which they had collected 100 points.

Klopp wants people to judge his team at the end of the season, which is understandable. Then let's explain why the Red Run is such a great achievement.

Not just an English record

Best total after 21 games in a top English season
team season Points (* based on 3 points for a win) recording
Liverpool 2019-20 61 W20 D1 L0
Manchester City 2017-18 59 W19 D2 L0
Chelsea 2005-06 58 W19 D1 L1
Tottenham 1960-61 56 * W18 D2 L1
Preston 1888-89 55 * W17 D4 L0

The table above shows that the team quartet that Liverpool played before had the best 21 games in a top season in England. As expected, all four teams won the title this year.

Preston and Tottenham's total score was adjusted to three points to win.

Klopp's team can collect 112 points – and can afford to lose three games, make another draw and still break Manchester City's record for a Premier League season.

The performance of the Reds goes further than this coast – it is also the best record so far in this phase of the season for a team in one of the five major European leagues – England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

The best in each of the other four leagues are listed below:

Best total after 21 games in Europe's top leagues
league team season Points recording
Ligue 1 (France) Paris St-Germain 2015-16 57 W18 D3 L0
Serie A (Italy) Juventus 2018-19 59 W19 D2 L0
Bundesliga (Germany) Bayern Munich 2013-14 59 W19 D2 L0
La Liga (Spain) Barcelona 2010-11 & 2012-13 58 W19 D1 L1

As you can see, Klopp's side is in good company.

Out of season "Invincibles"

This is now Liverpool's longest unbeaten run, defeating the 37 from 1894 among the club's first managers, William Barclay and John McKenna, and spreading across the Lancashire League and Football League second and first division.

Liverpool have scored a total of 104 points in their last 38 games, including 33 wins and five draws.

This is a record sum that each team has achieved in 38 games in the history of the competition, overtaking the 102-point runs of Manchester City (late 2018) and Chelsea (2005).

So you are still a long way from joining Preston and Arsenal as "Invincibles", but can mark this as an important milestone on the potential path to this status.

You will likely remember that Liverpool's last league loss was on January 3, 2019 at Etihad Stadium against Manchester City. Since then, only 10 points have dropped.

Successful at both ends of the field

Alisson has conceded just five goals in 13 games for Liverpool this season

This is Liverpool's best scoring run since the start of a season in top English history.

The Reds also scored in their first 21 games in 1933/34, somehow occupying 18th place in the league.

Liverpool last scored on March 3, 2019, in a 0-0 draw against Everton.

To really demoralize their rivals, the Reds have played six clean sheets in the Premier League for the first time in a row since December 2006, when they scored seven goals.

The earliest title win?

As said before, if Liverpool wins all 17 games remaining, the season ends with 112 points.

With the remaining points remaining for other teams, Manchester City is the team that comes closest to them and can collect 95 points.

The earliest Premier League title win was achieved by Manchester United when they won on April 14, 2000-01.

If the Reds continue to win, they can only win the league on April 11th.

That would be special.

I have never seen a team like this – what you said

Lfcway: Historian. What a team.

Kaushik Majumdar: As a 43-year-old # LFC fan, I had hoped for a lifetime of fame, but in my wildest dreams I never thought Liverpool would have such a season and team! I am so happy, thank you

Ilyas Najib: I've watched football all my life, hand in hand, I've never seen a team like this from Liverpool.

Bob Moss: I think Liverpool conquered the league at the right time, mostly terrible teams that just got mixed up. With VAR on their side and the obvious ban on red cards for Liverpool players, it's too easy for them

Andrew Williams: This game I love is sometimes so comforting that I recently lost my mother and sister in September. While I am working on it, I will soon be in a good mood again. I know that I will become YNWA

Gavin O & # 39; Brien: The weakest Premier League since its inception was founded, but fair play against Liverpool. Klopp has built a league winner mentality there and his team has some cracking players. The other "big" teams have to take a close look at themselves to do something next season.

Ash Williams: This Liverpool team is currently collecting trophies and breaking records this season.