Justin Kan opens (part 1)

<pre><pre>Justin Kan opens (part 1)

"I've always liked engaging in my own social media entertainment"

I am a chaplain For me, trying to understand the tech world means understanding people like Justin Kan.

After all, who represents the most technology? There are obvious answers: secular deities like Bill Gates, Elon Musk or the late Steve Jobs. Or there are the often marginalized numbers that I often focused on when writing this column: the colored migrants who built the physical infrastructure of the industry; Social workers and feminist philosophers who study how technology really works on an unconscious level and how to fix it; or the next generation of leaders who represent the future of technology, even if they care about the inequalities they embody.

But you cannot understand what the power and mystique of technology is without understanding the mind of its enigmatic founders. Justin Kan is a serial entrepreneur and founder who, whether you value his public voice or not, stands out as one of the most interesting examples of this classic Silicon Valley archetype: a technology entrepreneur who is said to do much more than just sell technology.

It is well known that Kan began his career not long after graduating from Yale in 2005 by creating Justin.tv, a technology platform from which he broadcast his own life around the clock. Fifteen years later, Kan's original idea seems strange given the level of self-promotion and participation that is common. And yet, since he was probably the first to make surveillance capitalism not just an open performance art, but also a remarkable career in startups and venture capital, one must at least take Justin Kan's idea seriously as a harbinger of what is to come.